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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Sexual attack at Valleyfair surrounded by questions and few answers. Why is it that someone who knows the victim in various crime and accidents end up on our forum?
  • Alton Towers finds all kinds of crap under their Corkscrew, which is coming down. Did they not do track walks in decades? How do you not notice someone loses a prosthetic leg?
  • Strange case against the city for Coney Island Cyclone after man dies several days after claiming injury. Suit suggests engineering neglect.
  • Expoland declares bankruptcy, and we're fascinated by the cultural differences in Japan that keep parks closed for months after accidents.
  • Universal's Dubai park will be mostly air conditioned. Sounds like the grand excess of Las Vegas. Jeff goes off on a tangent about oil, autos and bailouts for GM.
  • The boys contemplate the significance of Diamondback at Kings Island. Haters annoy Jeff.
  • Dollywood retains marketing partnership experts, and Gonch finds it hilarious that this is a precedent started by Six Flags.
  • Sidebar: Video game nonsense, including killing Jar Jar.
  • Hall of Presidents going to be closed for upgrades and an Obamatronic.
  • Hard Rock Park won't open without a new buyer. We had the same discussion in the forum again about why it failed.
  • Dollywood putting off their attraction on concerns of wild material costs.
  • Cedar Fair results, per cap is still down. Told ya so! Five dollar fries suck.
  • Interesting piece in CIO magazine about the many metrics and IT endeavors at Universal Orlando.
  • Busch Entertainment likely for sale in InBev deal to reduce overall cost of Anheuser-Busch.
  • Disney seems to be proactive for forthcoming decline in room booking in Orlando, and the discounts are pretty serious.
  • IAAPA is next week, and Jeff has three badges for some reason. They lo-jack you coming in and out of the floor.

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