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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Gonch could care less about people protesting the Six Flags Over Texas alcohol permit. Jeff finds it funny that a 12-year-old is in any position to protest it.
  • Thorpe Park announces a Saw-themed roller coaster. Is this a good idea?
  • There's a spider, and it's dramatic.
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain announces a wood coaster called Terminator. Theme hilarity ensues.
  • Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure is getting a face lift too. These "re-imaginings" for rides that were already good are silly. X2 was a special case because of the poor reputation it had.
  • Joyland vandalized and for sale to anyone who will buy it. Video was pretty sad.
  • Feature on Universal Orlando's Bloody Mary pretty interesting. Gonch wonders if the detail is lost on most people, but Jeff argues that the aggregate detail leaves an impression.
  • Disney's California Adventure is a good example of how the lack of aggregate detail can fail to capture imagination. The new classic theme is intended to up the park's game.
  • Nick Universe at Mall of America has a nearly tragic accident as kid climbs fence.
  • A woman wants to sue Disney for not allowing her to ride Tower of Terror over and over. Article suggests the woman was being an irate bastard to people.
  • Transformers coming to Singapore and Hollywood Universal parks. Gonch was into D&D and pro wrestling, but Jeff's excited about the license.
  • Euro Disney flirting with... gasp!... profitability!
  • Fair worker killed by an Inverter. Jeff isn't surprised, as he shot this video in 1994.
  • Analysts down on Disney. Do you have to be a genius to know that everyone is down for the foreseeable future?
  • Cedar Fair maintains its quarterly distribution, which feels good.
  • Universal Orlando busting underage drinkers at Halloween Horror Nights. Why would anyone be surprised? They get busted and they can lose their license to sell alcohol..
  • Jeff will park in the parking structure for the first time ever at Universal, because for three years his visits have all been on-property.
  • Paralympian denied water slide ride. Human factors have to be considered in things like this, and it's hard to balance that with the sensitivity component.
  • Celebration City closes. Gonch thought it was a pretty cool park. Why do enthusiasts almost not care at all?

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