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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • IAAPA's lobbying dollars, not very high.
  • Officials worried about Hard Rock Park failure harming Myrtle Beach's reputation. They had one to begin with?
  • Bowling for dollars: Reinventing pro bowling, building lanes at Disney World.
  • Six Flags New England getting closer to its zoning variance for height.
  • Disney analysts say Disney bookings could be down next year. We don't buy it.
  • Great Escape just stays closed on bring-a-friend day and doesn't tell anyone.
  • Six Flags New Orleans doesn't have a buyer after all. How do you rebuild in a place where the disaster will eventually happen again?
  • Lassiter has to endure still more surgery, will likely need it every few years.
  • Gonch's kid doesn't care for Arrow loopers, while Alton Towers' Vekoma Corkscrew is retired. We forget how big of a deal these rides used to be.
  • Six Flags in danger of getting delisted from NYSE. Shouldn't they get some kind of free pass considering how much the market sucks in general?
  • Orlando Sentinel has a nice list of things you may have forgotten about at the theme parks.
  • Waldameer is adding a Mega Disk-O. Those are sweet rides. Gonch is sad that the Kennywood installation came at the expense of the Magic Carpet.
  • Chance recalls Yo-Yo's. Thank God Dave Althoff is around to explain this stuff to us.
  • Cedar Point and Castaway Bay get nailed for huge OSHA fines. They don't sound right, exactly.
  • Jeff got out to the Mall of America for Nickelodeon Universe, loves the Intamin half-pipe, but felt luke-warm about SpongeBob. Valleyfair was looking good for the haunt.
  • BooBuzz was seriously "E" during the ERT. Most people got around a dozen laps on Maverick on an otherwise busy day.
  • Gonch does the hard core kids stuff for Kings Island's Halloween stuff, says the kids dig it.

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