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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Jeff was in Fort Myers getting the total Fay experience.
  • Hard Rock Park lays off some people. Lots of strong opinions about the park so far, but a combination of mismatched expectations and poor marketing appear to be hurting the park.
  • A bunch of companies are allegedly interested in Busch parks. Jeff doesn't do Spanish. Thank you, Cleveland Public Schools.
  • One more year for Coney Island? Gonch loves the dirt of New York, and Jeff thinks it's too big.
  • Holiday World announcement forthcoming. Regardless of the new ride, what's the new free service? Lo-Jack your kids? Are parents over protective these days?
  • Six Flags offers more results mid-quarter. Have the changes led to long-term gains or just short-term? Investors sure don't care for the company. Cedar Fair says they're making meaningful progress on their debt.
  • Disneyland Resort workers not happy about cut benefits. We're surprised Disney offered non-full-timers medical in the first place.
  • Kennywood wants no new taxes in writing.
  • Who owns the Big Dipper? Pretty sad to see the fly-over video of the park. Villain sure had a short life, and Jeff is more sad about that than whatever happens to the Dipper.
  • Stinky story: fair ride powered by cow farts.
  • Jeff reports on the progress of the new version of CoasterBuzz. There are science projects and new things in the pipe.
  • We record the podcast using a Mackie 1202-VLZ, for those who were interested.
  • CoasterBuzz Club events coming up this year: The Fall Affair at Holiday World, and BooBuzz at Cedar Point. Visit the CoasterBuzz Club page for more information.

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