CoasterBuzz Podcast #114 posted

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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Jeff is annoyed by Delta for their inability to handle luggage. The CAK airport doesn't get high marks either.
  • Hard Rock Park opens, and Maximum RPM is a no-show so far.
  • Adrenaline buys Alabama Adventure. Gonch checks the resumes of the execs. Jeff says it's the long-tail approach to amusement parks.
  • Kings Island playing the nostalgia card. Gonch says if you're going to do a big motorcycle jump, at least have some danger.
  • X2 opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Mike sure would like to get out there.
  • SeaWorld Orlando give some details about Manta, and Jeff thinks it's an interesting choice for a ride. Is it a flying coaster with the intense inversions, or more of a meandering ride (and therefore more family friendly)?
  • Kentucky issues final report for drop tower accident. Culture of fear and mechanical failure blamed.
  • Fire at Universal Hollywood is all over the news.
  • Gonch deleted a topic accidentally in the forums, and it was a big scandal. Not really. The interesting story is more about how we have our bias and choose which parks we criticize more freely.
  • Jeff saw the survey marks for the new coaster coming to Universal Studios Florida. The Simpsons Ride there is pretty cool. Finally got to see the revamped Disaster ride as well.

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