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Jeff, Pat and Mike review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Kings Island construction: What do you think of our lovely footer? What's the deal with Tomb Raider, now The Crypt? Jeff loved the Tomb Raider theme. Gonch doesn't care.
  • SeaWorld Orlando is apparently building a B&M flying coaster. Bummer for height requirements, but given Busch's recent track record, we expect a good ride.
  • PointBuzz has a list of new goodies at Cedar Point. Gonch feels the kids attraction list is pretty huge, and Planet Snoopy is a solid upgrade.
  • Kennywood tax dispute settled, and they'll still pay up. A state bill has been proposed to eliminate the amusement taxes.
  • Disneyland chief outlines the future, including a new park. Perhaps after they get California Adventure right. Mike says he'd put a water park there.
  • Strange communication about people interested in saving Geauga Lake's Big Dipper surfaces, gets ACE indirectly involved when it shouldn't have, and smells like agenda mining.
  • Gonch has been smoke free for three plus months, doing it on the buddy system.
  • Flash Pass system allegedly sending people to the back of the train. It's like a coaster rights controversy or something. Gonch says this premium queue thing isn't going away regardless.
  • What's a good deal?
  • Six Flags Great America wants $25 for you to park up close, and $15 for the rest of the lot. Are you kidding?

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