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Jeff and Mike review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Great Escape sickness outbreak reaches nearly 500. Is that the mechanics of pool chemicals or just the risk of getting in water with people?
  • The Six Flags New England construction saga continues, and we still can't figure out how you start building a $7 million attraction and don't get the right permits.
  • Geauga Lake auction coming up, including the wood coasters, Double Loop, the boomerang and the family coaster. Can Jeff score a Skee-Ball machine?
  • Moody's kicks Six Flags' credit rating.
  • Fair operator set to close on Wild West World, and we have reasonable hopes that an established business understands they need cash to run it.
  • Kings Island insurance decision overturned by court. What good is insurance if you never get it paid out?
  • Six Flags Over Georgia drilling wells for water rides. But aren't the crappers the real culprits in water consumption?
  • Kentucky legislation requiring 18-year-old ride operators is completely arbitrary and not based on data. That's stupid.
  • Great article from the LA Times on international expansion. Check it out.
  • Six Flags renews contract with Nintendo for Wii Experience. What good is it when you still can't buy one? Isn't the Wii actually competition for Six Flags?
  • New ride at Universal Studios Florida looks cool. Islands of Adventure is poorly marketed and people don't know what it is until they get there.
  • Mardi Gras is crazy at Universal. Still PG, and you don't need to show your goodies to get beads.

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