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Jeff, Pat and Mike review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Euro Disney edging ever so closely to profitability.
  • Six Flags has to cut cut cut expenses next year, especially in the area of marketing, while introducing a media network. Are they making good decisions and still suffering from the sad mess left by the Burke regime?
  • It's true. We miss Mr. Six. He (or she) was an icon, and a pretty good idea overall.
  • Disneyland giving away exclusive nights in a sweet pad at the park, as part of the decade of a million dreams.
  • Several school districts around Cedar Point are adjusting their schedules to help out the tourism business in town.
  • Does late season attendance boost come at the expense of the earlier part of the season?
  • Nick Universe shooting up at Mall of America, set for a March 15 relaunch. Loving the new rides!
  • Deposition of victim in Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom accident tells horrifying details. The more that comes out of this, the more it sounds like it was a preventable accident.
  • Conneaut Lake ballroom burns, outlook for park is not improving. Why hasn't there been strong leadership to turn around the park?
  • Analysts predict Disney attendance decline. We don't buy it. Also: company hedging future of California Adventure with new ride.
  • Sidebar: What's this mortgage crisis really about and how will it affect the industry?
  • Navigating Epcot by way of the international beer tour. Go right for the better adult beverages.
  • Cedar Fair distribution up, slight loss on the year. Sounds like they're not hurting, but at the same time they're obviously not doing the right things in the Paramount Parks. Abandoning the tried and true season pass pricing was really stupid.
  • It sounds like Chris Sawyer, creator of RollerCoaster Tycoon, had his way with Atari. Good for him! -1 to Atari for making a complete mess of the third game.

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