CoasterBuzz celebrates four years on the Internet

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

CoasterBuzz turns four years young on January 30, 2004, after serving well over 30 million pages to more than 10 million visitors.

With the help of amusement industry professionals and the enthusiast community, more than 2,800 news headlines have been served. While the site's databases have been rounded out, members contributed more than 1,100 photos in the last year. CoasterBuzz Club has grown to 350 members and will host the official Beast 25th anniversary event at Paramount's Kings Island on June 26, 2004.

Here's a look back at the many faces of CoasterBuzz...

CoasterBuzz in 2000
CoasterBuzz when launched on January 30, 2000

CoasterBuzz 2001
CoasterBuzz circa late summer 2001

CoasterBuzz as relaunched January 30, 2003
CoasterBuzz as relaunched January 30, 2003

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