CoasterBuzz announces Roller Coaster Rollback

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

CoasterBuzz is proud to announce Roller Coaster Rollback, a database of historical events that includes everything from the birth of your favorite coaster designer to the death of a now defunct park.

The database, maintained by Dave Althoff, Jr. (known as "RideMan" to CoasterBuzz members), was compiled by readers of the news group rec.roller-coaster. Althoff has continued to maintain the database and add to it since that time.

Now, the Roller Coaster Rollback can appear on every coaster site in the universe with a "today in coaster history" look! Simply cut and paste the HTML code on the main Roller Coaster Rollback page in to your Web page and enjoy.

Today's events can be found on the CoasterBuzz home page, and the rest of the database can be found by clicking on the link in the tools menu at right.

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