Cedar Point announces VertiGo attraction for Challenge Park

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Stan Checketts of S&S Power, the guy who built the park's Power Tower, is insane. His latest idea is called VertiGo, and it will launch riders nearly 300 feet in the air.

Three 265-foot towers will surround a six-passenger triangular carriage attached to cables that connect to the towers. Compressed air will quickly lift the carriage off the ground, yanking it to the sky at speeds of 50 mph. The ride then gently brings people back to the ground.

Riders can experience VertiGo in one of three ways:

  • Hot Rocket: Where riders remain upright the entire ride.
  • Cosmic Flip: Where riders start upright, then the seats rotate forward 150 degrees at the apex and nose-dive toward the ground.
  • Big Bang: Where riders are flipped forward 150 degrees shortly after launch and travel much of the ride upside down.

"This ride is incredible," says Dick Kinzel, CEO of parent company Cedar Fair. "I first saw Stan's idea for VertiGo in Atlanta at the IAAPA Convention and Trade Show, and I told him we couldn't wait until 2002 to add this ride to Cedar Point... we want it this summer!"

"I love working with the people at Cedar Point, especially Dick Kinzel," says Checketts. "Dick just loves to see the looks on guests' faces when they see the unbelievable new attractions that await them at the park."

Vertigo will open later this summer, at a cost of $15 per rider and discounts for larger groups.

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