Cedar Fair will open four new roller coasters in 2018

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From the press release:

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (NYSE: FUN), a leader in regional amusement parks, water parks and active entertainment, will introduce an unprecedented array of new rides and attractions for the 2018 operating season, including four ground-breaking roller coasters at Cedar Point, Knott's Berry Farm, California's Great America and Kings Dominion. In addition to the coasters, Cedar Fair will invest to expand its children's and family attractions, extend its season with special events and introduce modern, high-capacity dining venues at its parks.

Cedar Fair's President and Chief Operating Officer Richard Zimmerman said, "We will bring more enhancements than ever to the guest experience in 2018. Whether the guest is a thrill-seeker, a busy mom or dad, a corporate group or a family on its annual vacation, they'll find something to keep them coming back to the parks again and again. Along with our amazing team, these investments are focused on making our parks THE place to be for FUN by providing memorable experiences and unmatched value for our guests of all ages."

Following are the major attractions that Cedar Fair's parks will introduce in spring 2018:

  • Cedar Point, the Company's flagship park in Ohio, will continue its domination as the Roller Coaster Capital of the World™ with the introduction of Steel Vengeance, the world's first hyper-hybrid roller coaster. At more than 200 feet tall, the new hybrid design combines a steel running track on a massive wooden structure that provides an extremely smooth ride while enabling the coaster's trains to perform maneuvers previously unheard of on a wooden model. Steel Vengeance will shatter 15 roller coaster and amusement park world records, including those for tallest, fastest, steepest and inversion count for a hybrid roller coaster.
  • Knott's Berry Farm will introduce the West Coast's first dive coaster, enhancing its position as a must-visit destination among southern California theme parks. The new beach-themed HangTime dive coaster will suspend riders 15 stories over a disappearing track, provide floating sensations through negative g-stall loops, and feature a colorful lighting scheme that 'chases' the coaster train around the tracks.
  • The Company's ongoing development of California's Great America in Santa Clara will be highlighted by the first-of-its-kind single rail roller coaster, RailBlazer. The coaster will offer riders a 90-degree drop, three inversions, and intense dynamic rotations that are made possible by the single-rail design and inline seating. The opening of RailBlazer will kick off a multi-year transformation of the park into a world-class family entertainment destination unique to its region.
  • Guests at Kings Dominion near Richmond, Virginia will enjoy a new hybrid roller coaster – Twisted Timbers – which will feature a 109-foot barrel-roll drop, three inversions and overbanked turns, and 20 gravity-defying airtime moments at speeds more than 50 miles per hour. Twisted Timbers will position Kings Dominion as a high thrills destination in the central Virginia region.
  • Carowinds, Cedar Fair's world-class amusement park near Charlotte, N.C., plans a major renovation and expansion of its PEANUTS™ themed children's area. The new wilderness-inspired Camp Snoopy section of the park will feature five new rides, plus an 8,000-square-foot climb-and-play area catering to youngsters ranging from toddler through elementary school ages.

Rounding out the Company's investment in new rides is an exciting collection of themed thrill and family attractions. Canada's Wonderland in Toronto will introduce the Lumberjack pendulum thrill ride that loops guests 75 feet high, the Flying Canoes interactive family ride, and an upgraded and expanded children's pool and splash pad in the Splash Works water park. Minnesota's Valleyfair will introduce Delirious, a new thrill ride that sends riders seven stories high in a 360-degree suspension. Delirious anchors the overall enhancement of the park's iconic Route 76 section with the addition of new shade structures, lighting and gathering locations. Finally, Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri will introduce a new family ride, the Nordic Chaser.

Also in 2018, a total of six of Cedar Fair's seasonal amusement parks will remain open through November and December when the immersive holiday experience, WinterFest, is added to two more parks. WinterFest features imaginative themed areas, millions of vivid lights, specialty foods, ice skating and falling snow. Guests may engage in interactive events and enjoy original holiday music and shows performed by the classic PEANUTS personalities and special WinterFest characters, while enjoying many of the parks' other rides and attractions.

Cedar Point will also strengthen its appeal as a multi-day family destination, when the historic Hotel Breakers opens its new five-story addition on the mile-long beachfront in May 2018. The 158 new guest rooms will feature premium bedding and amenities, and many will have balconies with views of Lake Erie and the park. An outdoor pool and sun deck adjacent to the beach completes the new facility. Once the addition opens, Hotel Breakers will offer 669 rooms.

The Company is also committed to providing innovative and fun food offerings at all of its parks and is introducing new or upgraded restaurants and catering areas at California's Great America, Carowinds, Dorney Park, Kings Island, and Michigan's Adventure. These facilities will provide a more diverse array of regional specialty foods, cater to increased group business, and accommodate more food-themed special events.

For families with young children, the Company is expanding its successful "Pre-K Pass" program in which children aged 3 to 5 may receive a free season pass. Parents must register their children to be eligible, and activate the free pass by cutoff dates determined by the parks. In 2018, Carowinds, Cedar Point and Dorney Park will join Kings Dominion, Valleyfair and Worlds of Fun in offering the free Pre-K season pass to help younger families visit the parks repeatedly throughout the year.

Read the entire press release from Cedar Fair.

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