Cedar Fair: NY Post report is incorrect

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Cedar Fair Entertainment Company today commented on recent reports of a potential sale to Destiny Capital.

“We have received numerous inquiries and questions regarding stories that have appeared in the press concerning a possible sale of the company,” said Dick Kinzel, Cedar Fair chairman, president and chief executive officer. “Although as a matter of policy we do not normally comment on market rumors, an article today reports a claim by an organization referred to as “Destiny Capital” that constructive negotiations with the company have been undertaken. We are not currently in discussions with that organization or any other party for the sale of the company. Of course, the board continuously challenges management to find the best strategic alternatives available to increase value to our unitholders, and I do receive inquiries from time to time about a particular park or group of parks, whether it is to sell or to even buy additional parks. Consistent with our policy, I do not intend to comment on any of these discussions on an ongoing basis.”

Read the press release from Cedar Fair.

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