Carowinds announces Copperhead Strike, a roller coaster with two launches

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From the park:

As the first double launch roller coaster in the Carolinas, Copperhead Strike will deliver twice the boost and twice the bite. The ride immediately leaves the station and goes into a jo-jo roll before loading into the launch station. After pausing, the ride takes off at an incredible 0 to 42 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. Guests will experience a series of fast, tight, close-to-the-ground maneuvers and flip upside down in five head-over-heels inversions -- the most of any double launch coaster in North America. Midway through the ride, a second thrust of acceleration launches riders into the next half of the exciting experience. Copperhead Strike does not let up during its 2 minute and 24 second ride along 3,255 feet of steel. It's full throttle all the way from start to finish!

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