Announcing "Operation Graduation" at Stark Raven Mad

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It seems there is just no stopping Holiday World's Pat Koch. At the park Mrs. Koch sweeps the sidewalks, serves the food, greets guests and at Stark Raven Mad she even runs the coasters. In her "spare" time she is involved in her church and diocese, masquerades as one of Santa's Elves answering children's letters to Santa, and lovingly attends to her nine grandchildren... all the while fighting cancer so vigorously that last year doctors granted her a clean bill of health.

Despite all that she still found the time to earn a Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Loyola University. Pat's even missing the opening of Zoombabwe on May 18 to attend graduation. If anyone deserves our congratulations its Mrs. Koch, and so it's time to announce "Operation Graduation!"

Here's the plan: for Saturday night's dinner, SRM attendees will congregate at the picnic grove while the park is cleared prior to ERT. Mrs. Koch will be hononed in a special surprise ceremony that is part graduation, part prom. Bring your graduation cards to dinner and you'll be able to hand it to her personally. A special celebrity guest will dance with Pat for her "prom." No, you won't have to dance but you will be encouraged to cut in if you're bold enough. It will be a fun way to pass the time until we're free to enjoy ERT.

If you're only attending the Friday portion of SRM you can leave your card at Guest Relations and Paula will make sure Pat receives it. If you see Mrs Koch on Friday please don't mention this to her or give her your card, this is meant to be a surprise (no, she doesn't read Coasterbuzz!)!

A very special thanks to everyone who made last year's "Operation Mothers Day" such a success. Mrs. Koch was overwhelmed to receive hundreds of Mothers Day cards. Those who have met Mrs. Koch knows how special she is and how much joy she brings to so many. Hopfully everyone attending will participate in "Operation Graduation" and make Pat's day special by bringing her a graduation card.

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