2005 Coasters' Choice Awards winners announced

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Dollywood's Thunderhead is the first wood coaster in five years to win Coaster of The Year. It won by a narrow margin over steel contenders Revenge of The Mummy at Universal Studios Florida and Hersheypark's Storm Runner. Thunderhead also won the award for Best New Wood Coaster.

Revenge of The Mummy at Universal Studios Florida won in the Best New Steel Coaster category. This combination launched coaster and heavily themed dark ride scored just ahead of Hershepark's Storm Runner. The Universal Orlando complex also won Best Theme for Islands of Adventure.

Cedar Point continued its dominance as Park of The Year for the fifth straight year. It also scored Best Steel Coaster for Millennium Force, with Top Thrill Dragster and Magnum XL-200 also getting nominations and accounting for over 73% of the vote. With 68 rides, not surprisingly, the park also secured the award for Best Capacity, also for the fifth straight year.

Paramount's Kings Island retained the position for Best Wood Coaster in the year of The Beast's 25th anniversary.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg secured the top spot for Best Food.

The popular Roller Coaster Database, nominated this year for a redesign and new features, won in a landslide in the Coaster Site of The Year category.

Read more about the awards and check the results here.

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