2005 Coasters' Choice Awards nominees announced

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CoasterBuzz has posted the nominees for this year's Coasters' Choice Awards. Voting will continue through the end of March. You can vote at this URL:


For the first time in five years, two wood coasters were nominated by the fans for Coaster of The Year. Dollywood's Thunderhead and Tsunami at Clementon share the space with Revenge of The Mummy at Universal Studios Florida, Silver Bullet at Knott's Berry Farm and Storm Runner at Hersheypark.

The rest of the categories have many of the usual suspects, though Shivering Timbers at Michigan's Adventure has made its way back into the Best Wood Coaster category after being absent for a year. Top Thrill Dragster joins the company of two other Cedar Point coasters in the running for Best Steel Coaster.

Normally we re-nominate the previous year's winner for Coaster Site of The Year, but because Virtual Midway merged with Guide to The Point, and is therefore operated by the same company as CoasterBuzz, it is not eligible because of the obvious conflict of interest. We did however nominate RCDB, which got a face lift in the last year, as well as America Coasters Network for its Silver Bullet construction coverage and MidwestInfoGuide for its coverage of various projects in the Midwest.

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