2004 Coasters' Choice Awards announced

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CoasterBuzz, the world's most popular roller coaster and amusement industry portal, today announced the results in the fourth annual Coasters' Choice Awards. Visitors to the site have been voting in ten categories for the month of March.

Cedar Point again dominated the awards, winning six categories. The park's Top Thrill Dragster, the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster, scored the Coaster of The Year and Best New Steel Coaster, and helped the park win Park of The Year. Millennium Force further established itself as Best Steel Coaster. Despite protests last year, Cedar Point again won the award for Best Food. The park rounds out its sweep with a healthy lead in the Best Capacity category.

The Ozark Wildcat at Celebration City, a hit with wood coaster fans, won the award for Best New Wood Coaster.

The Beast, celebrating 25 years of terror at Paramount's Kings Island, took back its title for Best Wood Coaster from Ghostrider at Knott's Berry Farm, demanding two-thirds of the vote. PKI will be home to CoasterBuzz Club's third annual BeastBuzz on June 26.

The biggest upset this year was the dethroning of Islands of Adventure for Best Theme. PKI took that honor, as fans of the park just barely squeezed out a victory over the Universal property.

While few enthusiast Web sites kept our interest this year, we did name three that entertained us. Reigning champ Virtual Midway, a Cedar Point fan site, was again the winner as it covered in great detail the ups and downs of the park's Dragster.

23,631 votes were collected for the 2004 awards, a 15% increase over the previous year. That averages about 2,363 votes in each category, but keep in mind that people were not required to vote in every category.

See all of the results here.

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