Zoombezi Bay Construction Pics

I was home from school on fall break this past weekend and decided to swing by Zoombezi Bay and the Columbus Zoo to check out the construction progress. Pictures from 10.15.07 here:

Looks like things are moving along. New Powell road is now open and there are slide pieces scattered all over the place. Slide tower complex is rising as well as a few new buildings.

Ooh, thanks. I drove there last week, but didn't have time to stop and photograph... by the time we headed back past it was dark.

Definitely gonna be bigger than Wyandot was, not huge, but a solid bit of expanasion.


ETA: To respond to your last picture -- I hadn't noticed the two bowls from the road, but you're right. I checked the ProSlide site and it lists two CannonBowls as ordered by the Columbus Zoo, so... You'd think they'd make one a body bowl and the other a raft, but whatever floats their boat (er... pun not intended.) *** Edited 10/17/2007 3:15:25 AM UTC by CarrieR***

Nice pics. I'm glad to see Sea Dragon still standing. I know, I know, the zoo said it would be...but you just want to see it to be sure.

And don't forget, unless Big Dipper somehow miraculously gets rescued, SD will be the oldest woodie in Ohio.

That's actually pretty sad, when you think about it.

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Nice. Now I really won't have a reason to go to Wildwater Kingdom (as if I ever had a reason).

Does anyone know what the dry-ride lineup is going to be (aside from Sea Dragon)? I never saw a definitive list--just a bunch of maybes and rumors. Big Dipper could find a fine home there. :)

It would be nice to see some old Geauga Lake rides relocated here, especially a coaster. Anyone heard anything the rumored spinning coaster? I hope they add another coaster, if not this year then next, to compliment Sea Dragon. Even a water coaster would be sweet.

The last plans I saw had the spinner listed as "future expansion," but a Disk-O was still in Phase 1.

I took a detour on my way home from work and snapped this quick video as I drove by Zoombezi Bay construction site on Feb 8th, 2008. Hopefully will have more better updates in the future.


Looks a bit disorganized but I am sure they know what they are doing.

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Has weather been a major issue for them up at ZB? From the video it doesn't look much further along than it did at Christmas. Or are they focusing more on the rear of the park we couldn't see in the darkness? Either way, can't wait to visit up there this year.

I have some pics from way back in the fall, not much you probably haven't seen already, but you can find them here: www.freewebs.com/chadmicah Just click at the top under "Columbus Zoo Construction". *** Edited 2/11/2008 3:00:54 AM UTC by Floorless Fan***

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Where's Sea Dragon? I didn't notice it in the shot. I assume it's still there?

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All the new water slides have gone up on the very edge of the park, next to the new Powell road. Sea Dragon is still there, it is more in the middle of the park, closer to the zoo.
Cool. Thanks for the reassurance. I swear I'm not paranoid -- it's only the people who are out to get me that say I am. ;)

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I had a job at the zoo the other day and took the opportunity to look around. I'm with anyone who wonders how the hell they'll ever have it ready by "spring 08", it sure looks like a lot to do yet. As far as weather goes, central Ohio has had bitter cold temperatures off and on (like today) but we haven't had the snow, yet, to cause any delays. That may come tonight.

At the Powell Rd exit, near the slides, is a large wooden sign that has a rendering of the park. It's not in a very good location though, as drivers on Powell are driving to fast to notice let alone take it in, so I pulled over, got out of my truck and stood in the mud to look at it. I haven't seen this picture, or any rendering at all in any publicity or articles.

Anyway, it makes the park look like a tropical paradise with lots of slides, rivers, and pools. Aside from color scheme and decor, what they have constructed so far looks fairly accurate to the drawing. Dry rides in the rendering include a DiskO, Scambler, Tilt, Carousel, Kiddies, Ferris Wheel, not much else. The Sea Dragon is represented, a flume of some sort, and a spinning coaster similar to the one at WOF or MOA. The Scrambler looks to be situated in the helix of the coaster.

Most of the slides are recognizable as Proslide, with the well known bowls, funnel, racers, etc. It also shows a Wedgie-style slide on top of the wave maker for the pool, making a cool backdrop.

So who knows how much of it we'll see the first (or second) year, or even how accurate it is, but it's fun to see.

One thing already constructed is the base and column of what appears to be a Larson Scooter. It's bright green, 'natch, and will probably be Parrots, or something tropical and zoo-ish. The total park area looks larger than I expected, and the new entry plaza buildings are coming along and look great even in an unfinished state.

Season passes are reasonable, at 79.99 and Zoo members get a 20.00 discount.

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