Zonga Sold!!!


I am not sure if this is old news but i was checking this site out to see what is available and i saw Zonga on here.

My question is anyone know who bought it or anything

Yeah. Didn't you hear? I bought it.
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If we start a pool, can I put in early for "South America"? ;)
You can of course, but don't forget that Mexico - home to three Schwarzkopfs - isn't South America!

It would be a shame to see it lost to some 3rd world country....I wish US parks would wake up and see how great these old steelies are.

I hope we find out soon....I was hoping for somewhere in the eastern US :)

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I saw that about a week ago and was wondering what it was. Thanks Mr. Slave.

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I missed it this year at marine world and i was bummed.

I read on RCDB that this thing hit 6.5 g's which i was like thats crazy and i missed it in astroworld and marine world and i am really bummed that i couldnt ride it.

Go hit yourself upside the head with a shovel. It'll give you the same effect.

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Dang that suck's I hope it stays in America.
Yeah i heard it was rough but the funny thing was everday before heading into the park we went to the Hardees across the street and they still have pictures of Zonga in the resturant. I am wondering if they havent realized that the coaster is no longer there

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