Zippin Pippin Rolls into town!

WRAL news out of Raleigh NC just showed two of the cars from the Zippin Pippin coming in on a flat bed to Roanoke Rapids NC. Not sure if they have started disassembling the coaster yet. Looking forward to this ride coming here to our little town in eastern North Carolina.

Do they have a timeframe as to when they hope to have Zippin Pippin up and running? I'm very anxious to get back on it, as I completely love that coaster.

Had a chance to ride it during ACE's Preservation conference back in 2004, and was very surprised. I just never recalled reading any type of write up on ZP, and after my 1st ride, I was shocked at how good it was.

They are saying several months. I'm sure it also depends on how bad the weather is this winter. They have to take it completely apart. I don't know how long that takes but it looks like a big job. If all goes well we may see it by summer. They really haven't given us a lot of info on their plans. I can't imagine them only running the coaster so more rides have to be coming.

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Slated to open next year, according to

And yes, you should have that site bookmarked as it'll answer a lot of questions.

There will not be much left of the ZP once it is dismantled and reassembled.
Since they bought it for the history with Elvis I wonder if they'll give it an Elvis related name. I thought it should be called Hound Dog.
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Yay! I love the Pippin! I rode it during the ACE Con as well, and immediately fell in love with it!

I will have to check it out at it's new location next year.


I wonder how much they paid for it as it was sold at auction for $2,500.00 which is very cheap for Elvis's favorite coaster.
There's been no official word on what was paid. After looking around the net and reading all the articles my quess is $50,000. The qroup that paid the $2,500 to start with stated they had $25,000 in marketing already. But that really doesn't mean anything the expence will be in moving and restoring it. That's probably going to run $500,000. Like I said this is me just quessing so don't take any of that as fact.

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I thought that a couple bought the coaster just for the rolling stock. Were there two trains? Or was the train that rolled into town from somewhere else?

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^^ IIRC, the couple that paid the $2500 wanted JUST the lead car (for their "Honky Tonk" show)....I'd imagine CC is going to either run a shorter train, or buy a new car...ZP was running a PTC train, right Tina?

Why is it impossible for me to even TYPE the words "Honky Tonk", even in quotes, without feeling like I need a shower? ;)

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I take it they must have heard that Elvis wasn't a back row kinda guy.

"I go out at 3 o' clock for a quart of milk and come home to my son treating his body like an amusement park!" - Estelle Costanza
According to ACE news it was originally going to Dollywood but they would have to make to many changes to make it fit so instead it went to NC which happens to be run by Dolly's brother Randy Parton.

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