Zippin Pippin Placed on National Historic Register

Good news! Glad to see that a local grass roots effort is alive and well there, unlike in some other parts of the country.

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Well it doesn't really change anything. Someone still has to spend the money to do something with it. In a lot of ways though, because it's owned by the municipality, and therefore doesn't have to generate revenue (provided it isn't burning it), the motives for keeping it are a little more clear and feasible.

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Glad to hear the news! :)


What I understand is Dolly's Brother's park in Carolinas actually purchased the ride and was convinced to leave it, Blue print it and just make a copy of thier own.

Chuck, who has no idea what happened after that only that the trains are not still with the ride but were auctioned off with the lead car kept by the original purchaser (That memoriabilia group)

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^Randy Parton's "Carolina Crossroads", in Roanoke Rapids...

Not sure which fails to arouse my optimism more, this Designation, or Randy P's "hope" to reconstruct *a* version of ZP. Libertyland was a cool park, just not in the best location. Kinda a Southern-fried version of Clementon...
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Interestingly enough Dolly wanted to bring the coaster to Dollywood to help preserve some Tenn history but it was deeme nearly impossible without radical modifications to move Pippin from LL and reinstal it on the hilly terrain of DW.

She then refered it to Randy and others who might be interested.

^^ Yuck. I'm not for any version of Clementon you could serve up- southern-fried, baked, grilled or broiled ;)

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