Zippin Pippin opening at Bay Beach, Saturday 5-21-2011

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Bay Beach, Green Bay, WI, USA

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Yowza! That's what I think when I think of my rides on ZP Saturday!

I was very impressed and surprised they had both trains (formerly of the Thunder Eagle in Pigeon Forge, TN) running! Everything looks great. The trains were black, and now are decked out with great ZP logos on front (and back!), and orange and blue waves on the sides.

The ride entrance is grand and has a classic feel. One original car from Libertyland is on display out front with a sign "Elvis sat here." The parking spot closest to the ride has a sign "reserved parking - Elvis only." Very nice touches!

I rode the Libertyland Zippin Pippin in 1990 - and loved it then. This ride - although everything with the structure is the same (elevations, radii, profile, etc.) is the same, the ride experience is totally different. It's much more forceful and seems faster. The Liberytland ride used 4 car trains (24 persons per), where this new one has 5 car trains (30 persons per). The new(er) trains also were built with ratchet lapbars and seat dividers with contribute to the weight of the train (and therefore - the speed).

Every single hill has airtime. The back car has airtime on every single hill and every single drop. The 3rd to last bunny hop is very "Magnum like," its flat going up and down, with a very sharp peak. That hill is the single most abrupt/violent ejector air I have ever experienced. I love it - it's almost too much for me.

I rode the train(s) everywhere; the 3rd seat is the most wicked seat of course. My friend Beth (a budding coaster geek) finally found out the true meaning of the "Herbert P. Schmeck Moment of Torque seat."

The station is a bit awkward - as they have people unloading directly in front of people waiting to get in. Supposedly they wanted to keep everything as close to the original but I have a feeling this is one aspect they are figuring out they could have done with out.

The rest of the park was very nice, small and charming. A great 1955 Eli Ferris Wheel, Tilt-A-Whirl, bumper cars, a Scat (haven't seen one of those since I was a kid).

A dollar for one ride is a steal! Bay Beach has a HUGE winner on their hands. I'm overly impressed.

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Wow, that sounds great. I never got to ride the original, and my trusted friend Gator wasn't too impressed, so I had low expectations for the new one. So glad to hear it delivers with punch. Now if only we could get a new Big Dipper!

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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^The only Millers I've found to run in impressive fashion are Wild One and Screechin' Eagle. The JackRabbits at Seabreeze and KW are next in line (realize Blackpool's Dipper was non-operational when we visited). Now being the nostalgist I am, I still found the others FUN...just not too forceful.

Knowing that ZP was being recreated by the Wooden Coaster Thrill Team at TGG told me pretty much what I needed to know...this O-n-B would deliver. Happy Billy got to ride...but when do we get OUR laps, Matt? ;)

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