Zippin Pippin being torn down

Surprised no one has posted this- I guess no one cares? The city began demolishing the Pippin a couple of days ago- very sad.

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I care! Rode this many times, but many years ago. Coming home from Coaster Con (?) when Texas Giant opened in 1990. We spend an afternoon and night riding Zippin Pippin who knows how many times. It was really a great ride. Very classic, old station, etc. Had what I like to call 'REAL air time' where your butt leaves the seat.

I'm sorry to not be able to get back before it was crushed.

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Rode during the PresCon a few years back, very solid ride. Given the condition of the support structure, not really too surprising....disappointing nonetheless, Randy Parton never did come to the rescue. :(

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According to the city Housing and Community Development director the coaster is being dismantled with the hopes that parts of it can be preserved. That's a little different from being "demolished."

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Only a small portion was demolished last year. According to the city, they wanted to test if the wood supports and track were still in good shape (not that I believe that).

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So what you are saying Moosh is KI needs to test Son of Beasts' wood supports too? :)

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KI will eventually "test" the entire SOB structure :)

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If KI flies me to Cincinnati I'll gladly test it for them.

This is a bummer. Trying to preserve these structures is a constant fighting retreat.

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This Sucks! :(

The Zippin Pippin stole the show during the 2004 ACE Preservation Conference. She didn't look like much at first glance, but every one of her hills has terriffic "Airtime". She will be missed.

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News update: We *may* be jumping the gun. I tend to think Starliner is still a more viable coaster in that it has run in the past 6 months.....but, apparently Bay Beach is....interested:

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Too bad the plans to move it to the NC/SC border fell apart. I sounded like a good way to preserve it and make it the anchor ride for a new classic style amusement area. What a loss.

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Bay Beach may be interested...until they find out it's been sitting for years without any work. Starliner would be the better choice and probably cost less in the long run given it's current state.

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Can't help but think they're banking that the name Elvis carries some cache. All things considered, it (Pippin v2) will probably utilize less of the original than Knoebels Twister... ;)

er, *would* utilize....subjunctive....highly. :)

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There's a newer story, out of Wisconsin, that seems even more hopeful for the Zippin Pippin.

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We have 2-3 million set aside to bring a wooden coaster here, Says the Mayor. Purchase price is next to nothing, They'll need a train (Could get a used one somewhere (Voyage's 3rd) 2-300,000. Moving cost a million, Replacement wood and concrete footers a million. cutting it close but its doable. Perhaps they'd charge bit more than a quarter a ride to pay some of the cost?

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Its $1000 a foot to move a wooden coaster, $2000 a foot for new one. Do the math. Its a tough choice to make.

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Just curious...where did those numbers come from? (And what exactly do you mean?)


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Sweet! I'm going to get a new 1 ft coaster!

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^I think AJ is referring to the price per linear foot of trackage - i.e., a 4000-ft-long new coaster would cost roughly $8M, whereas a ride of the same length being relocated would run about $4M.

Obviously, stuff like terrain, height, etc. will move the number up or down to some degree (mostly up, LOL).

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