Zippin Pippin awarded best new ride of 2011!

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How cool! Anyone can come up with their own 'best of' whatever, I know, but still think this is great. The ride and park surely deserve it. That last bunny hop is the most violent dose of ejector air I have ever come into contact with.


Well considering its the only coaster built, Based on history. I would hope so :)

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With Cheetah Hunt, Black Diamond, Dare Devil Dive, and Wooden Warrior, I'd say there was a decent amount of competition. SFMM's Green Lantern is the one "biggie" I did not have an opportunity to ride. Among the others listed, Zippin Pippin simply was THAT good. Wooden Warrior was a close second, with an amazing amount of ride in a pretty confined space.

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Cheetah Hunt was pretty disappointing even with the lowered expectations I had going in. Not a problem, because the rest of the park is what it is, but I still hoped for better. It helps paint a picture of what one can more or less expect from Verbolten, so there is that.

I actually would have picked the relocated and repainted Chang.

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

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While a pretty major upgrade over the rides I got on the blasted thing in's still a stand-up. I'm happy with what was done in NJ - but it's still somewhat a silk purse/sow's ear kind of situation....

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I kinda said that as Chang the ride basically sucked pond scum, and that as Green Lantern, it's a mediocre B&M stand-up. Wayyyy better than Chang....but still nowhere NEAR the class of ride you get from either of the aforementioned wooden coasters...

Kinda... ;)

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