Zamperla Volare coasters?

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Vo-lar-e...oh! Vo-lar-e...oo-oo-oo-ouch!

(the older folks will get that musical reference)

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I actually think my ride on Tombraider: The Ride would have been really fun.....if I didn't feel like I was going to fall out the whole time!
"I thought all Volares are the same?"

They pretty much are. Only the one in Vienna has a modified lift position and a slightly different beginning. But the basic layout is always the same.

That's what I figured. I was under the impression it was pretty much a standardized production model coaster like a Crazy Mouse or Boomerang.
I rode the one at Rye and I didn't like it but I didn't hate it. It was rough but no where near unbearable. I also never found an SLC, Arrow or Vekoma that was too rough to ride though except for Ninja at SFOG. I think the scariest part of Super Flight is the fact that going up the lift it feels like your not strapped in. I actually rode it twice come to think of it.
On our first ride on the one at PCW for it's opening season there was a weird braking issue. In addition to the usual painful turns, the car kept stopping in each block brake. Would slam to a dead stop and release adding a whole new level of shoulder and neck pain to the ride.

It was officially dubbed the Tooth Chipper because it wasn't too far off from the ride in the Simpsons. That only happned on that one ride but even in normal operation it's just not fun. This is a classic case of a ride that looks a lot more fun than it is. I don't hate it but don't really enjoy it either. Also whenever I'm at the park with someone who hasn't been on it, they always get really excited and want to ride when they see it. After it's always either "ouch" or "wow that was boring".

I was ok with the ride at Rye. The inversions were the most exciting part of the ride. It felt weird to have the face mask. The chest restraint is quite uncomfortable. I felt a lot of pressure on my chest. It's the least comfortable of all flying coaster bibs. I would probably ride the coaster again but I don't see myself being excited for multiple re-rides.

Lord Gonchar said:.
Not just a cheap plug for my video. I really like reading the YouTube responses as they tend to come more from 'regular' people than the responses you find on enthusiast boards. Fun insight into what the GP thinks. :)

Let's see...

"GAY...Tatsu is better"

"phoda ;D"


I'm not sure I'd consider 99% of the comments on YouTube as coming from regular people.

The one I rode I enjoyed more than I expected after reading everyones reviews. Its not like extreme or exciting or anything, I found it as just one of those "fun" coasters. The seating was awkward, but I didn't feel the pain everyone else talks about. My only beef with the ride is the capacity issues. Seems like a great ride for smaller parks.

Richard Bannister said: latest credit whoring B&M, one Schwarzkopf, one Intamin, and half a dozen more. Guess the country

not to get off the subject, but I have to jump at that one:

If you don’t count the Intamin Supersplash at Gardaland and the wheel-drive Katapult at Mirabilandia, that leaves one each B&M, Intamin, and Schwarzkopf in Italy.

If you don’t count the Schwarzkopf/Intamin junior coaster at Entertainment City, that leaves one each B&M, Intamin, and Schwarzkopf in Kuwait.

Denmark has one B&M and two Intamins but no Schwarzkopf that I'm aware of.

Taiwan has two B&Ms and one Schwarzkopf but no Intamin.

South Korea has one B&M and at least one Intamin, but too many parks to sort through to find a single Schwarzopf.

I know you've been to Korea and Italy's not too far from Ireland, so my guess is Kuwait.

back to the subject - I rode Elitch's Flying Coaster and it scared me and banged me all up. Three years later I rode Playland's Superflight. Much more fun, not too bangy, but still kinda intimidating. I guess they're improving. *** Edited 12/9/2007 10:55:05 PM UTC by Seahawk & the Wave***

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