Zamperla takes over Coney Island Cyclone operations

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Thrill seekers have been coming to ride the Cyclone for decades. Now as the landmark coaster gets ready to mark its 80th anniversary this year, it'll have a new operator – Zamperla, the same Italian ride manufacturing company and developer of Coney Island's Luna Park, which sits across the street.

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Makes sense, I guess.

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Nothing to see here. Move along.

As far as being maintained, Couldn't hurt. That ride needs some serious structural support fixes.

Wonder if the Operations will be the same with the hustle into another ride policy. Of course it would work better if it were re=ridable.

If the new coaster is anything like the one at Rye (Superflight) it's going to be a poor experience. After the lift (Which is actually quite unique) the rest of the ride is a head and neck destroyer.

Perhaps some folks with more knowledge about wooden coasters could be called in to help make the Cyclone fantastic. (But those tracks have been long neglected.)

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^It's the same (Volare) model as Superflight. The other new coaster - the Motocoaster...should prove to be a really big hit.

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The Volare is from Elitch Gardens. Another article said it's getting new trains/cars so maybe they'll be better.

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I wasn't able to ride Superflight, but I have ridden the Volare model at Canada's Wonderland and at Elitch Gardens. Let's start by acknowledging that Zamperla is the first coaster builder to actually build a 'flying' coaster that puts you in what feels like a flying position. When I rode, I stepped up probably a step higher than I should have, and so I found my shoulders tightly wedged into the shoulder bars. Perhaps as a result of that, I didn't have much trouble with the head and neck banging, but there was a distinct lack of lateral support for the torso and lower body. But even that wasn't a terribly serious problem.

What WAS a problem for me was that while the ride got the riding position right, it completely failed to do anything interesting. Pinfari learned years ago that you could do really big drops in a small footprint by cutting diagonally across the structure. With their Spin Coaster, Maurer-Sohne demonstrated that through extreme banking you could handle the high speeds that come with those long drops. But Volare never really gets going. It's not even as exciting as a Z40 or Galaxi, and the barrel rolls are a combination of pointless, painful, and boring. This thing has a really cool concept which it absolutely fails to exploit in any meaningful way once it comes off the lift. I think Zamperla could take that concept and redesign the track plan and come up with a really neat ride. But Volare is really not very good.

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I coulen't ride CW's but I did ride Ryes. I too had no problem with head banging. In fact, I found the ride fun.

I've ridden both..I preferred Rye's, but that's the lesser of two evils..I didn't love either one.

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