Zamperla subsidiary interested in operating Playland

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Valerio Ferrari of Zamperla told county lawmakers that he wants to build the tallest pendulum ride in the world at Rye Playland. The new ride could set a record by 10 feet, he said. Standard Amusements Inc. and Zamperla owned Central Amusements are each interested in running the park and both view new rides as central to their goals.

Read more from Westchester County Business Journal.

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Yeah but look what they did to Coney Island.

P.S. FIRST!!!!!

What, pray tell, did Zamperla "do" to Coney?

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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Saved it and/or killed it. Maybe both.


I got no problems with Zamperla running Playland and adding new rides. As long as they keep and maintain the old ones. Don't know if both woodies have historic markers but also the fun houses, Dodgem, Old mill and Derby Racer are all great.

Three Words:


Answer my Prayers, Overbook my next Flight!

Whip. Zombie Castle. Flying Witch. House of Mirrors. Boardwalk. Beach. Pool. I agree there's plenty of history to be recognized, saved, and restored. The beautiful deco architecture falls in there as well.

I'm also of the opinion that having Zamperla step in with their rides is better than no Playland at all. There's already a Zamperla Volare coaster there, but I believe it may be the only ride from them that is currently operating at the park. They have a coaster that goes by the name Crazy Mouse, but it's not the standard Zamperla spinner that we might expect. So... I guess we'll wait and see how things turn out once and if the plan goes through. I'd guess offhand that a lot of the portable flats that exist there now stand to be replaced by similar or different rides all by Zamperla.

I'm also of the opinion that what happened at Coney can only be classified as a "save". Detractors can think what they want about the place being ruined- I see it as a welcome change that's drawing real crowds back to a spruced up area. If there's a driving force behind the general renaissance I'd put it on Luna.

I'm curious as to what happened to Legoland. At one time they were interested in the park, and while initially skeptical, after seeing how Cypress Gardens had transformed under them, I could certainly see how this might work for Playland. Cypress has many similar aspects from a historical standpoint, though very different in actual physicality.

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All three steel coasters at Playland are Zamperla models.

Now that's Italian.

And I didn't realize their mouse is a Zamperla Zig Zag, or that they have a Zamp kiddie ride as well. So, good.

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