Yukon Striker

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I was was watching the Science channel last night and they had a show called "Building Giants-roller coaster mega build". It was about the construction of Yukon striker and one of the better programs I have seen on construction of a roller coaster. I recommend trying to stream it or find it..

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Speaking of Yukon Striker, I also recommend getting up to CW and riding it! Definitely my favorite of the limited number of Dive Machines I've been on. Riding it at night also gives you a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding city lights.

My last trip to Canada's Wonderland was in 2005 and remember ride operations not being the greatest. It seems like the bigger coasters have a bigger emphasis on getting the trains checked and dispatched pretty quickly.

Yukon with Griffon's trains would definitely be Dive coaster perfection! If you stand back and look at Yukon's first drop the curvature is just so beautiful... it's nuts how far down it goes before the pullout starts and the tunnel makes the effect look more pronounced. Between the intimidating look and that surprisingly powerful vertical loop I barely noticed the boring second half.

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