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For those that are regular patrons of YouTube you know you can find almost ANYTHING on it! Including an abundance of clips relating to amusement/theme parks and roller coasters.

I came across POV's for defunct coasters like Knott's Soap Box Racers and Windjammer --- and there are a slew of Cedar Point and Six Flags "music videos," some of which are pretty good.

If you can, post any good finds here.

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Well, I'm not going to toot my own horn on my own You-Tube account... especially since a couple videos may be considered "questionable" on this board due to the camera being on-board.

But... I don't know how many 'buzzers remember this Cedar Point promo video right here. It has to be one of my favorite promo videos for any coaster out there. It's the promo video that came out in 1999 for Millennium Force.

Despite the computer animation portion being very crude compared to now-a-days... the video really gets you pumped up to WANT to ride Millennium Force.

I spent at least a good 30 minutes last night watching different Space Mountain videos on Youtube. I found one with the lights on as well. Plenty of other coasters on there too with lots of POV's.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
There are promo videos for Raptor and a few other Cedar Point coasters on youtube. I had never seen the Raptor one untill recently, and thought it was awesome.

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Yea, yea... I saw that too...
The promo animation of the actual raptor bird was pretty cool... but the animation of the coaster was worse than an RCT-3 creation. It just goes to show you the leaps-n-bounds computer animation has taken since then.

What I liked most about the promo was just how they showed a lot of the park pre-Raptor era... how much the skyline has changed.

For anyone interested... it's located right here:

Even cooler, from the same U-Tube user is the Gemini Commercial... (holy retro, Batman)

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LOL! at the Gemini clip. That's the first time I have seen that! It's so KISS meets The Phantom Of The Park-ish. ;)

Hmm, I guess I better start posting some of my stuff on my Youtube account.

I am getting there. ;)

I have seen some pretty interesting stuff on there. I really need to browse it more.


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I love it! They have tons of onrides from some of the obscure Japanese rides! Very cool to see some of those Togos over there

How long before Jeff chimes in with "It's unsafe to bring cameras on coaster"

;) you know it bud

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A little longer than it'll take for someone to complain about Jeff, I guess. ;)

...from the same U-Tube user ...

With the moniker of 'unskinny' even - definitely an enthusiast. :)

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Hint: Takes place at an Allentown, PA park. It's owned by Cedar Fair.

Dental Plan! Lisa Needs Braces.

Wow, that kidz bop video is down right terrible. I'm embarassed that I watched the whole thing.

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Great video of Dragon Mountian, exspecially for those who have never been able to see the entire coaster due to its placement. *** Edited 10/3/2006 8:21:28 PM UTC by PCW***
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...especially for those who have never been able to see the entire coaster due to its placement.

Or lack of a passport. ;)

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^^ **sigh** ^^ <°> <°>

That lift on Dragon Mountain is so slow... and the video itself is old because it shows the skeleton of the volcano, of which was recently completed before the opening of the 2006 season... rumors are flying around that the waterfall may be completed for '07 or '08.

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Real cool RCT3 POV recreation of Disney's "Soarin' Over California." This movie showcases how incredible RCT's graphic engine can be, given you put enough work into making stuff.

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