Your first ride on the Vancouver PNE Coaster

Recently,some of you buzzers have taken your first ride(s) on the PNE Coaster.Was your reaction anything like the folks in this photo at know I wasn't expecting the PNE Coaster to be that intense!

Lets' save the Vancouver PNE Coaster before its'too late!

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I'll get back to you this summer. :)

We were able to swing by here on a trip to Tofino this week. It's currently my favourite woodie.

I'd heard about the air time but wasn't prepared for how intense it was. Noticed in line you could actually see people popping up in the train on the bunny hops near the end of the ride. This thing encourages the air time, no seat belts, no mouse trap orange pinning restraint, no seat dividers, just a simple slightly padded bar that hovers just above the belly area.

We only had time for two rides. Got one on the front seat. There's an insane airtime pop before a curve on the third turn around. You get a giant pop of air time then the person on the right gets tossed into the person on the left. Noticed the padding on the restraint and seating was thicker in the back seat and found out why. There's insanely violent ejector air on all of the drops. Noticed that night that I actually had some bruising on my upper thighs from this. Was totally worth it!

I'm shocked that something like this still exists but very thankful for it. Have not had this much fun and been genuinely frightened by a coaster since I was a little kid! All the things you've heard about this ride are true and about 10x more intense than you can imagine them to be, don't miss it!

The rest of the park is pretty lame and there's an old corkscrew coaster that's kind of fun but most notable since it was sort of used for for Final Destination 3. But Coaster is worth the admission alone. Even better if you can make it on 2 for 1 Tuesdays.

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The duck wouldn't have made it back to the station!

Duck launch!

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