Your 2002 parks

Wednesday, December 12, 2001 4:53 PM
Let me start by saying I'm sorry if this topic has been done already... I tried searching for one, but it gave me 40+ pages of results. Whats up with that, Jeff?
I was wondering, what parks are you planning on visiting next season? I am going to BGT in January, SFGAm, and Big Chiefs. Hopefully I'll be going to CP in June, too. If I get to CP, I'll have a total of 20 new coasters this season. (Gwazi DOES count as 2!)
It's great that I get to start my season in January. Last season I had to wait until June, it sucked. I got to hear 1/2 of my friends talk about V2, well... looks like they'll have to suffer by listening to me talk about Montu and Kumba's greatness.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2001 5:10 PM
 I'm going to SFoG first.  Then SFMM, CP, and IOA.

SFoG's new flyer will be oh so tight. 


Wednesday, December 12, 2001 5:12 PM
2002: for sure
BGT (home park) , SWF, IOA,  A Disney or two

2002: hopefulls
Americana (if it reopens), Michigan's Adventure
Holiday World, SFKK, Kennywood

2002: also rans
(if time, money, and motivation allow)
Indiana Beach , Knobles, Hershey Park, PKD, BGW

See the trend here?

Wednesday, December 12, 2001 5:46 PM
-SFMM, Jan6
-BGT, IOA Spring Break
-Cedar Point, any time before those blasted high school kids get out ;)
-BGW, SFGadv some time in the summer
-PGA - opening day....real empty
-SFMW - even more empty on opening day

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Wednesday, December 12, 2001 6:03 PM

Cedar Point (a few times), Holiday World, SFWoA (why? have to get season pass processed), Knoebel's, Conneaut Lake Park, Kennywood

Very Strong Possiblities:

SFA, SFDL (hence the SFWoA season pass), Hershey, Dorney, Michigan's Adventure

If I get there, I get there:

Lakemont Park, SFKK, William's Grove, DelGrosso's, Waldameer Park, Dutch Wonderland

If we get to do half of these I'll be happy.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2001 6:05 PM
SFA and PKD.If I'm lucky enough to afford a trip to PKD in 02 that is.If not maybe BGW.
Wednesday, December 12, 2001 6:15 PM
Definite:  SFStL, CP (first time!), SFEG (to ride whatever their new ride is),

Possibilities: SFMM, HW, PKI, MA Lakeside, At end of year:  WDW, IOA, BGT, SWO

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Wednesday, December 12, 2001 6:25 PM
I'm going to SFMM in a few weeks, if that counts!

Next year?  Elitch's and Lakeside of course, and I'm going to try to go to Heritage Square (They only have a kiddie coaster but it's a cool place, and they have bungee jumping!)  If Water World counts I'm going there too.

I really want to make it to Cedar Point if I find some money and time, and while I'm there I might was well check out SFWoA, and whatever else I can hit along the way.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2001 6:46 PM
Starting out 2002 with Florida in February hitting IOA, Magic Kingdom, and Busch. Maybe Seaworld again. IOA and Magic Kingdom would be new coasters for me.

May will have me going to Holiday World for my first time for SRM. On the way home planning on hitting Indiana Beach. These are both new parks.

SFGAm, Big Chief, and Little A'Merrick'A will all get frequent visits throughout the season next year.

Also planning another CP trip and hoping to hit MA on the way home for yet another new park.

In the fall, there is a possibility of Vegas to hit the coasters I didnt get the first time (basically everything except Manhatten Express)

Lots of new coasters in 2002, just like 2001. But I am new to this hobby and I still wont break 100 this season.


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Wednesday, December 12, 2001 7:37 PM
-Magic Springs for sure

-Liberty Land for sure

-Six Flags over Texas

-Silver Dollar City

-Worlds of Fun (might become my home park this summer)

-Adventureland (Iowa)

-Six Flags over St. Louis (or this one might. hmmmm decisions , decisions.)


and hopefully


Wednesday, December 12, 2001 7:48 PM
I usually don't do these kinds of threads, but here goes:


Disney World (4 Day Hopper)
















Fun Spot (does that count?)








Lake Compounce




CP (if there's MM)


Disney's CA







That's the plan as it stands. If I can fit it in, add  Knoebel's on the trip East.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2001 8:12 PM
Heres the plan so far for next year.
In April next year I will go to SFGAm during the day Advocate Health rents out the park before it opens for the season.
May: SFGAm for opening weekend and Indiana Beach for Memorial Day Weekend
June: SFGAm during the weekends
July: Michigans Adventure, Indiana Beach, Holiday World
August: Cedar Point, Kings Island and Worlds of Adventure is what I have planned for a one week trip.
September and October: More SFGAm
Also next winter it looks like I will make my first trip out to Magic Mountain and some of the other California parks.
My Top 5 Coasters:
1. Raging Bull(SFGAm) 2.Millenium Force(CP) 3. Deja Vu(SFGAm) 4.V2(SFGAm) 5.Cornball Express(IB)

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Wednesday, December 12, 2001 8:22 PM
We did 18 trips to 11 different parks in 2001 and we're hoping to better this year.


Dorney Park (season passes), Hersheypark, Knoebel's, Kennywood, SFWOA, SFGAdv, Astroland and the annual 3 day getaway for just me & the wife at Cedar Point.


Morey's Piers, SFNE, Lake Compounce, Conneaut, Waldameer and IOA (the nice thing about having to visit family back in Florida)

If time permits:

SFA, PKD, BGW (but I'll admit these last three are long shots)

I could realistically do 15 parks this year. A good number considering our two kids are 4 years old and under 1 year old...

...then again we did 11 parks last year and my wife was pregnant - she's cool like that! :)

Heck even if I only got to one park, it'd be better than none.

Wednesday, December 12, 2001 8:23 PM
PKI and SFWoA are ones everyone I know is going to hit next year,so yeah I'll be there for sure.:)The other parks I'm going to try to hit are BGW and PKD,with a possible stop over at Kennywood.Other possibilities include SFGAm,PCW,and Cedar Point for coastermania.
Wednesday, December 12, 2001 9:03 PM
2002 is going to, at the very least, start out as being one of my best coastering years ever!  I'm pretty pumped about the lineup.  Last year, for the first time, I made it out to Cedar Point for a few days and hit Six Flags Great America on the way back.  I also went to Valleyfair about five or six times.  All in all I got good use out of my VF season pass. 

However, this year at the end of January I'm going on probably the last final vacation I'll ever go on with the whole family (I'm 19, bro is 24, both my sisters are in HS) Anyway the parks I'm hitting are Walt Disney World, Sea World, Islands of Adventure, and Busch Gardens Tampa.  Now, this alone equals the number of parks I went to last year so you can see why I think 2002 is going to get off to a fantastic start!

In the summer I have two plans (and this all depends on how the ol' money flow is doing)  For those of you that follow my web page most of the original members of Coaster Tours are coming back for this one.  However Soj (see my personal pic) may be MIA from the tour as he joined the army this past year.

Indiana - Missouri Tour

Start out by going to Indiana Beach drive down and spend the night in Indianapolis, Holiday World (Just cause Raven Maven is so cool ;) ) After Holiday World spend the night at the Mariott in St. Louis and check out the sites in Saint Louis the next day (hopefully take in a Cubs - Cards game).  Back to the Marriott and SFStL (haven't been here since they opened B:TR) the next day.  The next day would be a night at the motel 6 in KC and then hit Worlds of Fun and drive back as far as we can and then crash at a hotel and head back to Cornell College. 

I'll be working at Valleyfair so of course I'll log my rides in there all summer long.

Total New Coasters with this trip:  MO&IN trip 14 + 15 from Orlando trip makes 29 new coasters and would bring my track record up to 64 coasters.  Wow, after next year it may start to look respectable for somebody from Iowa.

New England Trip (or Plan B if you will.)

Start out driving to Boston and Catch the Red Sox play one of the few games they have left at Old Fenway Park.  We'll probably sleep the night in Hartford, CT and drive to Bean town for a day game. (I'm a Cub fan and day games are my life blood).  Check out Boston then head back to the motel/hotel and crash. Wake up and head to Lake Compounce.  After we've had our fill we'll head down to Allentown and sleep in one of the surronding towns.  Day 4 we'll head to Dorney.  Day 5 we'll head to Hershey, PA and check out Hershey Park.  Day 6 depending on money we may stop in Cleavland and watch the Indians play at Jacobs Field. 

Total New Coasters with this Trip: 32 which would bump my total coaster record to 67.  I might want to wait til '04 to do this trip as I plan on working at CP my junior and senior year of college.

For all of you that have made it this far through my post thanks!  2003 Trip: The Journey to Texas (Silver Dollar City, SFOT, SFFT)

Just wait till next year!

Thursday, December 13, 2001 4:22 AM
Here's what's fairly certain:

January -- Florida (Seaworld, IoA, BGT, haven't decided what else yet)

March -- PKD, BGW openings (possible)

April -- Kennywood (preview & opening), Knoebels (opening)

May -- Cedar Point (opening, season pass), SFWoA (opening, season pass), Holiday World (SRM)

June -- Holiday World (SRM part 2 :) ), maybe Indiana Beach, SFKK, and/or PKI as add-ons, Cedar Point (CoasterMania), maybe Michigan's Adventures (TimbersFest)

July -- ACE European trip, UK week (Thorpe Park, Flamingoland, Lightwater Valley, Southport, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Alton Towers, Drayton Manor, Oakwood Leisure Park, Dreamland, Rotunda Park). Not sure yet about week 2 (Six Flags Belguim, Efteling, Six Flags Holland, Heide Park, Holiday Park, Europa Park, Parc Asterix)

October -- Knoebels (Phoenix Phall Phunfest)

On top of those, there will be additional trips to Kennywood, Cedar Point, Knoebels, and SFWoA. Hopefully trips to Conneaut Lake, Waldameer, Lakemont, DelGrosso's, Hershey, Dorney, SFA, and anything else that catches my eye.

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Thursday, December 13, 2001 4:43 AM
CP and MIA definitely.

Possible: PKI, Dorney, Holiday World, SFWoA, SFGA, SFGadv, BGT, IOA

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Thursday, December 13, 2001 4:54 AM
My 2nd annual coaster trip is planned as:  SFA, PC, Myrtle Beach (for r&r as well as the coasters), SFOG, BGW, and PKD (in that order).
For the rest of the season (definates):  SFNE, GE, LC
For the rest of the season (hopefuls):  Seabreeze, SFGAdv (I gotta experience the lap bars on Chiller), Funtown in ME, Kennywood (Thunderbolt wasn't operating when I was there last year), Dorney, Astroland and Wildwood, NJ

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Thursday, December 13, 2001 5:21 AM

I PLAN on visiting the following parks next season:

These are all my "usuals" which I visit annually.....

Cedar Point, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure (season pass as always), Erieview Park, Waldameer Park, Conneaut Lake, and Kennywood.

These are parks I will be visiting in 2002 that I haven't been to in a while.....

Paramount's Kings Island (last visit was 1996), Hersheypark (last visit was 1984), Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (last visit was 1992, pre-Six Flags days).

The only new park I plan on visiting is Holiday World. After hearing so many good things about it, and after realizing the park is about the same distance from me as Knoebels is, I will definitely be making a trip next season to ride Legend and Raven. I would like to visit Seabreeze Park in Rochester, NY as well.... but every time I say I'm going to go, I end up saying "well, maybe next summer".

I am also returning to Knoebels next year to ride their 2 awesome woodies and actually take my time there rather than rush through in six hours.


Thursday, December 13, 2001 5:36 AM
I have no idea why anyone would care, but here you go...
Definite:  Knott's, Disneyland, DCA, SFMM, IB (many times), HW, SFKK, SFSTL, SFGAm, Hershey, Dorney, MA, PKI, Big Chief's, Knoebel's, CLP, Lakemont, Kennywood, SFWoA, CP, SFOG.
I may also get out to Myrtle Beach at some point and SFNE.   For some reason, I actually have a friend that thinks a trip to Idaho sounds like a good thing, so I might get to go to Silverwood.

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