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Wednesday, September 11, 2002 9:05 AM

I know fairs usually to not rate a TR, but with some talk here late about Carnival Rides in the General Buzz forum, I thought I would put this one in.

I won't concentrate on the majority of fair stuff... the crafts in the buildings, the animals, the food, the ripoffs - I mean "games of chance" - etc. I'll go right to what we are all here for... the rides.

Reithoffer Shows supplies the rides for the York Fair. I went to the fair in 2000 after a 20 somethign year hiatus and have gone each of the past three years (including two visits last year). In those three years, Reithoffer's rides appeared to be well maintained and well run. Granted, some of the operators were perhaps not the most "reputable" looking people, but they did appear to be at least compentent. There were actually some that rivaled those found at many of your major parks. (You really want to see the freaky people? Look at some of the ones running the Games and even food stands... talk about escapees from the "side show"!)

Not fearing "carnival rides" that look reputable, I ventured on a few.

Wild Claw (Afterburner) - 4 rides: I love this ride. I wish you would see this at parks. My only problem... I gotta lose a few pounds to fit comfortably. This ride features the only OTSR's that I have a problem with. They are not contured, but rather they are straight and to lock I have to pretty much be stapled in... very tight on the upper torso and shoulders. But the "pain" is worth it!

Power Surge - 1 ride: I rode it again, but was reminded why I don't like this (and passed on it at Knoebels). If it would move faster, I would be okay... but it moves relatively slowly (or so it seems) and the entire weight of your body seems to be pressed against the OTSR's when upside down for extended periods.

Sling Shot (Chance, I think, tower) 2 rides: Not only does this thing shoot you in the air, it also drops you in a free fal to the ground. Its portable, so it is not as tall as park towers, but still fun.

Ring of Fire (at least I think this is the name) 1 ride: My first time on one of these things. An okay ride... but I nothing spectacular. Into the "Been there, rode that" column.

Pharoh's Fury (swinging Ship) 1 ride: I like swinging ship rides, I can't help it. However, this one seems to be running slower than last year.

Some strange ride through dark ride - 1 ride: We rode this the past two years and they had "live actors" at some points in side, but not this year. It's course is very similar to Conneaut's Devil's Den. You go up a lift, a sharp turn to the right, down a dip, then a turn to the right again and into the dark and several very sharp (and fast) hair pin turns until you exit. Not scary because it is dark, but because I was not sure if it was going to stay on the track.

Tango - 1 ride: This is new this year. Not sure if Tango is the name given to this particular ride (they named their Afterburner Wild Claw) or if this is the production name (they do call their Power Surge Power Surge). Its new for the Fair this year and I have never encountered one of these before. I've never been on a stand up coaster, but I assume the "seats" are very similar to the "seats" on this... except there is no floor. Rather, you have a metal foot rest type of thing. It lifts you up and spins you around upside down. A very intense (and scary ride).

Other notes: The Flitzer roller coaster did not make a return this year after last year's accident that resulted in fatal internal injuries to a 7 year old boy. A swing ride was set up in its place.

Also, there were several rides that I passed on for various reasons. Not sure what its official model name is, but Flip-n-Out is similar to a Top Spin, but instead of both arms always remaining parellel, this thing bends in all sorts of strange combinaitons... not my favorite. Also, not wanting to wait around for a second rider (the require two), I decided to pass on the Zipper. Because of time, my wife and I also passed on such things as the Giant Wheel, several walk through fun houses, Super Hymilaya, Flying Saucer, Thunderbolt, Tiltawhirl and Sizzler.

Besides, we had spent a good 4 and a half hours there and my wife was feeling sore after a small traffic incident earlier in the day. So, after my few rides, walking around a bit, and some junk food (deep fried Oreo's and Bricker's French Fries), we decided to call it a night.

Kind of hard to take a post as objective if a park or coaster name is part of the "user name"

Friday, September 13, 2002 8:25 AM

Ah, the good old York Fair. I miss it so. Especially the funnel cakes! I guess I'll just have to visit vicariously through your TR ;) Glad you had a good time.

Saturday, September 14, 2002 5:33 AM

I was thinking about going to the York Fair this year but decided on waiting for the Bloomsburg Fair and Gratz Fair. York is a good 2 hour drive for me and can make it to the othhers in about 40 minutes.

I'm hoping Bloomsburg gets the Tango this year and they bring back the Zipper since it was missing from the lineup last year.

Good TR I can't wait to go to the fairs now!

Visits to Knoebels in 2002: 10


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