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So my friend emails me the list of rides at the York Fair, and based on the list I decide to point my car east, instead of west to the Frederick Fair in Maryland which is also being served by Reithoffer Shows. I decided to pick today which was $2 off the POP price with a coupon from Wendys. After finding two in the area from Mapquest, I ventured out on the road with my friend Matt. Finding the Wendy's and the coupons wasn't hard, but I decided I wanted to eat somewhere else as the long was line. Remembering where there was a Sheetz (really cheap gas) in York, I also found a McDonald's. So we ate and got gas second. No really, Matt had it bad:)

Since we ran into some heavy patches of rain on the way up, Matt surmises that the crowds won't be bad. Oh man, how wrong he was. It's like every middle school and high school was there. While using the bathroom I remembered something important--I forgot the coupons. So I had to go all the way back to the car. One thing that really bugs me about the bathrooms at the York Fair is that they want you to tip the attendant. Great, I should tip someone for using a stall with water all over the floor.

After paying $13 for the wristband it was off to our first ride, the Wild Claw (KMG Afterburner). It absolutely rocked and became one of our favorite rides of the night. It was here though that we saw one of many occasions of ride ops doing stupid things like stepping right near the ride while it was in motion. Next up was the Zamperla Power Surge. Oh my God was our ride crazy. I remember yelling quite a few times. Right next door was a modern fun house. The first obstacle was quite hard as you had to climb a bunch of stairs that were moving from side to side. It's not easy at all. We hit two other fun houses (there were five in all) after that.

The ride I drove to York, PA for was the KMG Tango. This would be Matt's first ride. I liked it last year, but the seats were a little uncomfortable for the guys. After waiting an enternity because they were only loading half the seats we got situated. The programs seemed completely random, but we got the "Spin real fast while the boom arm spins around with no breaks" program. It sounds fun in theory, but both Matt and I had a lot of pain in our collarbones after getting off.

We checked out the absolutely huge kiddieland, and Matt wanted to ride the Dragon Wagon coaster, but the line was too long and they were running it around three times. Back to older people land, we rode the Chance Slingshot, which proved to be our longest line yet [For those who've read this already, there should be more, right here]. It was our longest line of the night. Matt figured after the capsule was weighed, that is was approximately 40 seconds until launch. Once you're onboard, you wait and wait some more, until BANG! it goes up in the air. Matt thinks that someone could get hurt if they're not ready. It's not exactly as subtle as an S&S Tower. Since it only goes up part of the tower, you have to wait until it slowly lifts you to the top. Then, after about a second, you drop and it's pathetic.

Matt being the darkride enthusiast wanted to ride the Haunted House (name?) next. While waiting in line, a kid managed to pull over the manequin at the first corner before the doors to the dark part. Unbelievable. We boarded our car and had to wait while they fixed a wheel on the car behind us, since they sent all three cars through together. While the ride was no Knoebels Haunted Mansion, it had several props that I suppose could be scary to young children. It wasn't half bad. We then rerode the Wild Claw and Power Surge. Finally, we wrapped it up with a very fast spin on the Dartron Cliff Hanger. We both agreed that it works better at a slower speed. Matt wanted to ride the Power Surge again, but my shoulders hurt and I wanted to get back to Baltimore. On our way out, we noticed that they were still running many of the rides, even though it was past 10pm. *** Edited 9/15/2004 5:47:48 AM UTC by Intamin Fan***

Reithoffer provides the show for the WV state fair. I really wanted to go this year as I've not been in a few years, to see what all they have new, but that was the same week as my Cedar Point Trip. Next year, I'm going for sure.

They had The Claw the last time I was there in 2000 or 2001 as their new attraction. I remember how great it was then. I've noticed they have a few new rides, and wondered which ones they brought to WV this year, as I've seen they have a new Top Spin. Hopefully next year they will bring quite a nice selection of flats so I can go to that the week before Cedar Point.

And as for Sheetz, I worked there for 2 years. Cheap Gas and Good Food, plus the pay is decent:).

Every year it seems, I read someone's trip report about the York Fair and it makes me homesick :( I'm glad that you had a good time though. And all of this talk of Sheetz is allready getting my mouth watering for the cappucino I know we're going to stop and get on the trip up to PA for Phunfest next month.
I was also at the York Fair yesterday (9/14). Never have I seen the fair so packed. Never have I seen lines for rides so long.

But since yesterday was Student Day... I guess it is understandable.

This is the first time that we have ever been to a park or fair that my wife rode more than I did (two rides for her: Giant Wheel with her sister and neice, and the Haunted Mansion dark ride. I just did the dark ride).

Having ridden all of the rides that interested me in previous years (Wild Claw, Tango, Power Surge, and the other "grown up" rides), I opted to save the money. For a wrist band. As it was, my wife and I spent $11 for tickets for the three combined rides that we rode.

Could have been the crowds, I don't know... but as each year goes by, the attraction of the fair lessens for me.

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Oh, I think there Top Spin will be appearing on our State Fair's extreme ride midway, in addition to one of the two traveling SCAD Towers. Is the Power Surge similar to the Top Scan? Another thing, what is a Top Spin really like? I'm really looking forward to riding it in about 3 weeks.

John Moore

The Power Surge is quite different than the Top Scan. The Power Surge is completely random everytime you ride due to the seats which swing freely, and the weight of each rider. The Top Scan and the Tango share more in common with each other.

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