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Yep, I finally rode it! This last Sunday I got to Marine World bright and early to ride Zonga. We went over to see it wasn't going to open for about two hours... we went and walked on Roar and V2 then went back and waited. After about an hour and half of waiting, they ran five test runs and let us on. My first ride I opted for the front seat, hearing it was the most smooth.

The Good- the first drop, all the loops, and the graceful points of the ride.

The Bad- the rough points

I would say this coaster has the best first drop of any coaster ever. In the front seat I got more air than in the backseat of Millennium Force. This isn't normal air though, it is wild, out of control, hold on for dear life air. Every loop was great, I think the yellow was my favorite but the purple one is pretty cool too. It is so amazing to look at Roar from that side too, AMAZING!

I would say almost all of the GP complain about how rough it is. The trains ride much smoother in the front of the cars, and also the front of the train has less than the back, still the back isn't horrible.

Overall I would say it is an amazing coaster, if you can handle being beat up a little then you will really enjoy Zonga. It is a lot of fun and only compliments the other coasters currently at the park.

If you want to see some video of the ride you can go to SFMW Zone. This coaster really is seriously twisted!


That´s strange. The accordeon restraints on Thriller used to crush your shoulders and made you an inch smaller each time you rode it, but you would never experience any headbanging. I am beginning to wonder what exactly they have done to the ride.


Yeah, I would say it is about as rough as Revolution. Even though it is that rough, the pading is very thick and soft, so it doesn't hurt.


The ride is pretty cool. Not as intense as I remember, but still a VERY fun ride. The headbanging was minimal, but noticable, and the first drop still packs a punch. :)

Evanescence-My Immortal. Coming to a rock opera near you...

I wonder if I'll like it....;)
One of the videos shows a girl exiting the ride holding her ears. Heh.

A day is a drop of water in the ocean of eternity. A week is seven drops.

I was surprised how much the GP complained about the rough ride. They don't complain on MANY other rides which are much more rough and painful, I guess it was just most of their's first rides... those big pads aren't warning?? ;)


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