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Sunday, June 9, 2002 5:35 PM
Im going to keep this short and have a brief header at each section so you dont have to read all of this (may be kind of long, but i'll keep it as short as possible)

Day One: CoasterMania '02 Cedar Point

Millennium Force - 6 rides
Raptor - 7 rides
Magnum - 2 rides
Mantis - 3 rides
Mean Streak - 3 rides
Chaos - 2 rides
Disaster Transport - 1 ride
Power Tower - 1 ride
Gemini - 1 ride

Total Inversions : 70

The day started off kind of chilly, but heated up quickly to make a nice day at the park. My brother and I headed towards Mantis first and rode that twice with no wait. Then Power Tower once. After that it was Rapter 6 times. Once off that we went back and rode Mantis one more time and then waited for Millennium Force to open. 40 minutes later we were on and for my first ride on MF I must say that the ride is awesome. Easily tied with Beast for my #1 coaster. As soon as we got off we met with our parents and my dad and I used our passes that we got at Millennium Mania last year and rode MF again w/o a wait. Nice. We then walked around looking for food, but nothing was open. So my brother and I rode Disaster Transport once, and the new "3d" part of it is cheesy at best. After that we ate some small snacks, walked around, and saw the "Dick and Dan show" which was kind of cool. Some questions were funny like "Whats the 12 e stand for on the side of Disaster Transport, is that the CEO's shoe size?" But others were kind of dumb like "Why did you paint Gemini but not Mantis?" After that we tried Magnum and Gemini but the lines were to long for our tastes and we rode Mean Streak with a 20 min wait. After that it was our free lunch and it was very good. My brother freaked out when he saw the Free stuff sitting on the table. After eating we went to the hotel and slept for 2 hours, what a relief! After that we waited for Magnum, broke down, so we did Chaos, then waited for Magnum. After that it was walk on Gemini and Mean Streak. So we did them, and then went back and did Magnum and Chaos again. After that we got our MF tshirts, had custard (yum) and watched the cool laser show. Great day, but no, theres more! After the laser show we went to Mean Streak, walk on, and the dark. It was very neat w/o lights and easily the best ride of Mean Streak of the day. Then we headed back to Millennium Force for the rest of the night where we did it 4 more times, each time the line shortened to where the last one was about 10 minute wait. I can't wait for next year.

Day Two: SF:WoA

X-Flight - 11 rides
Superman - 2 1/3 rides
Batman - 2 rides
Raging Wolfbobs - 1 ride
Time Warp - 1 ride
The Villain - 1 ride
Serial Thriller - 1 ride

Total Inversions: 114

We entered the park around noon, since we took our time checking out my brothers girlfriends neighborhood and shopping at a candy store plus breakfast. Two rides on Xflight with a 10 minute wait. Excellent ride, The first flip was amazing and very scary. Its going to be a good day. After that Superman was closed, so we walked around to the kiddy area, and then did Serial Thriller once, then The Villain front row (literally waited 1 ride for it) after that we did Batman twice, my first time on a Floorless coaster, and it was a very smooth ride, on my top 10. We then headed back towards Superman, and it was up! So we rode that once, fun ride, nothing special though. We then saw the wait for Xflight, and it was a 5 minute wait if that. Quoting my brother "I think by law, I have to ride it with that short of line" So we did it once more. We headed towards Sea-World and watched the Tiger Show and saw some exhibits, but nothing made me go "wow." They need to fix some stuff up in that area. We then headed back to the ride side and ate Subway and after that I rode Superman again. My brother and his g/f were done eating when I got off (about 3 minutes later) and we got in line to go on it. I get in my seat to ride and we launch off. As we go up the straight tower we hear "CLUNK" and a silver circular thing (with a small circular hole in the center) fall off the side. My words exactly were "Oh thats not good" Luckily we didnt die or anything, but we came flying down the track and they stopped us instead of boosting us. 10 minutes later (it seemed) we were pulled back into the station and let off. The ride was down for the rest of the night. After that we all split up (being about 8:30 now) I went to X-Flight and rode it 8 more times to end the night. Excellent weekend.

We went to the Rock n Roll hall of Fame today and that was nice, but I wont go into that. Good coaster vacation. :cD

Sunday, June 9, 2002 5:41 PM

Nice TR! I'm glad you had a great weekend. I too enjoyed CoasterMania this year, I found it to be a lot more enjoyable than the one in 2000 that I went to.

mmm, roller coaster
(Homer Simpson)

Sunday, June 9, 2002 5:47 PM
There were a lot more people at CoasterMania than I expected, it didn't bother me though. Im sad that its over, I wish I had a Millennium Force at Kings Island to ride.

Top 3 coasters that I have ridden.
1)The Beast 2)The Hulk 3)Son of Beast

Sunday, June 9, 2002 5:50 PM
This year was nothing attendance wise compared to 2000. There were 2400+ people there. But that year you were still allowed to bring 3 non-club members instead of 1 so that contributed to the crowd. Also, in 2000 they opened a 10 world record breaking giga-coaster(it's that big blue thing by the lake =) that everyone came to ride so that also contributed to the crowds.

mmm, roller coaster
(Homer Simpson)


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