Yes, another article on beer sales for SFOT.

Lot's of opposition of course with Six Flags selling it but what caught my eye at the end of the article was this about a Hooters in the Arlington area waiting 5 years for a license.

"The Hooters restaurant at Interstate 20 and Little Road received a TABC permit to sell beer and liquor in October, more than five years after the restaurant's March 2002 grand opening. Its liquor license application had been opposed by residents organized as Decency for Arlington, state Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington, and former Tarrant County Judge Tom Vandergriff. The restaurant served free beer for years while the license fight continued; complimentary brews ended when the TABC granted the license."

Am I reading that right? So if you are willing to give out free beer at your establishment, you don't need a license? Wow, what a freakin loophole. I know I would have been a regular at that Hooters for 5 years if I lived out there. :)

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The opposition to that Hooters had nothing to do with beer sales. That group just didn't want Hooters in their neighborhood. They're surrounded by other establishments that had been serving alcohol for years. And the free beer was limited to two servings per visit.
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I love Texas! You need a license make money from selling beer, but you can legally give it away for free if you want to. Why can't we have laws like that here in Ohio?? :)

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Beer and liquor laws are a really an odd thing. I remember a few years ago we voted to repeal the "no beer and wine sales on Sunday law" in our town and there was a little bit of opposition to it. It seems like any change to beer and liquor and everyone comes out of the wood work. I don't see a problem with SFOT serving as long as they can still maintain a safe, family atmosphere. Other parks have done that.

As far as Hooters goes, I don't understand the opposition to them at all. You pretty much see the same kind of outfits at your local mall, the difference is at Hooters your servers are of legal age.

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Hey Chitown if they had some Old Style they would start selling today. Funny a State that has no problems frying someone or Doesn't care who rolls over the boarders.. Has such a issue with this.
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Texas seems like just the opposite of Wisconsin. I don't know if this is still the law, but you cannot give beer away as a commercial establishment, license or no license. When I was in college (mind you this was twenty years ago), a new bar opened up. They wanted to have free beer, but state law prohibited them from doing it. They ended up having penny tap night. Me and several other college drunks went in there with rolls of pennies and got pretty messed up. :)

Certain victory.

I know of an "establishment" in the Pittsburgh area that doesn't (or at least didn't at the time I visited) have a liscense, so they sold cups for a dollar, and you can get one "free" beer per cup.

If this gets delayed like that Hooters, I'd be all for Six Flags doing the same thing and sticking it to Texas.

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Reminds me of pre-Katrina Nawlins. My first "legal" drinking involved a college trip there, where Hurricanes and beer were often sold *on the street*, usually at the bottom of a stairwell, by an enterprising local. ;)
Shiner Bock anyone?

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I'm not sure I understand what the big deal is. Lots of parks sell beer. They didn't even mention Sea World San Antonio, which is about as family as you can get.

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