Yankee Cannonball

Friday, May 3, 2002 6:07 PM
My wife and I have recently moved to Maine from Virginia and we are anxious to ride all the coasters around New England. We'd like to start with Lake Canobie but I've heard the Yankee Cannonball will be down for a while....

Can anyone give me more information?

Thanks in advance....

Friday, May 3, 2002 6:16 PM
Well The Yankee Cannonball is getting a paint job. Were it was yellow, will be painted red. It will most likly be all set for june... and StarBlaster is opening in may sometime.

Im the #1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!!These are my top 3 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Yankee Cannonball 3. Cyclone

Saturday, May 4, 2002 2:08 PM
Does anyone know more?

Im the #1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!!These are my top 3 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Yankee Cannonball 3. Cyclone

Saturday, May 4, 2002 8:49 PM
star blaster is open. I liked it because it was small and it is a next step to a bigger S&S went there today and got two new kiddie rides. yes yankee cannonball was closes
Sunday, May 5, 2002 7:29 AM

Yankee Cannonball is down for renovation by GCI including installation of new brakes, station exspansion, new coat of paint, and train rehab. I would probably do Six Flags New England now before any of the summer crowd is let loose. If you go on a school day in the spring then count on having a better time. Next, in early summer, take a trip up to Maine. Hang out up at Sebago Lake, get a cabin and explore the four amusement parks/seaside parks/water parks in the area (including Funtown Splashtown USA, home of Excalibur, an awsome CCI terrain woodie. Note it's a little short but has a great finale a cool drops). I head for Lake Compounce in early June, you will find absolutely no lines in the park except for Mammoth Falls, Log Flume, and the Sky Ride. The park staff is so friendly and does the best dispatches I have ever seen, Boulder Dash will rarely have capacity problems and when it does, the operator are so enthusiastic and social that waiting time flies by. I'll tell you below best times to go to New England's parks:

Lake Compounce: Crowds aren't here except when the park host large corporate picnics(usually in the fall). Even then lines are rarely longer than a 20-minute wait. Plan to stay 6 to 8 hours if (and I highly recomemd because it's free and well layed out) water park and beach are used.

Quassy Amusement Park: Cowds are very light during the midweek, but best time to go is early summer on a Friday. Why? Every Friday night from 5:00 to 11:00 PM, all rides, hot dogs, colas, snow cones, and cotton candy are 25 cents each and parking is cheaper too(can you imagine that, especially with free admission)!!!

Funtown Splashtown USA: The slowest days of the week are Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. On Friday evenings if I remember correctly, they pick one of their best attractions:

usually Dragon's Descent(tallest thrill ride in New England), Excalibur(great CCI woodie), Thunderfalls(a mediocre log flume), Astrosphere(an indoor spin and puke with a light show and cool music), Galaxi coaster, or Go karts)

Just make sure you don't go to Funtown in June or July becuase their are quite a few local events and holidays going on.

Palace Playland and Old Orchard Beach: These are the classic seaside parks up in Maine that will bring back those old memories. Old Orchard Beach is right on the beach not on a boardwalk and there's only sand seperating the rides from the great Atlantic Ocean. The area is very popular to Canadians, so you'll see bigger crowds and hear quite a bit of French being spoken during the summer months. These two small parks may not bringthe best thrills, but have 30 rides that will bring lots of fun at night.

York's Wild Kingdom Zoo and Amusement Park: Up in York's Beach you'll find another one of Maine's treasures but this one is not small. This 100 acre complexd contains not only New England's largest zoo but a small amusement park with 15 rides and a seperate challenge park with minature golf, paddle boats, go karts, pony rides and ELEPHANT RIDES.

Pirates Fun Park: A short distance from the ocenside boardwalk is another classic little park that has been a popular spot for tourists and locals for years. The park has about 20 rides and additional water rides, upcharge attractions, your classic carnival games, and a giant arcade. The park has great food and is home to the two best dark rides in New England, The Pirate's Den( a ride through huanted house), and Island Adventure(a twist to your classic fun house). The seasons is always unpredictable so take my advice and call (978) 465-9731 for info on best time to go.

Six Flags New England and Island Kigdom Water park: With more than 150 rides, games, and attractions, this is New England's best and largest amusement park. I'll just give you a few tips:

-their used to be NASCAR races every Saturday at the park's speedway, but since I haven't been to those since October 99', I have no idea if they're still there.

-Crack Axle Canyon is your thrill destination when the rest of the park is packed. The 6 acre western themed area's center piece is Houndini-The Great Escape. The ride of mystery where you'll take part in aseance, then the room will begin to moved like you never expected! Great ride!!!

-There's a sweet hot tub complex in the water park where you can chill out with the lady ;

MikeMir87, I'm getting a little tired, so can you take over and give him the scoop on Cannobie Lake Park?

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Sunday, May 5, 2002 7:43 AM
WOW! Thanks Vertigo! We live in Yarmouth Me. and plan to hit FUNTOWN next week on opening day (Saturday). We saw Excaibur from the parking lot yesterday (There was a huge car wash going on there but the par was closed) And you mentioned Sebago Lake...we went up that way yesterday. I don't know if you've ever climbed Douglas Mtn. on the SW side of Sebago Lake. It has a great view of all the western mountains of Maine/NH including Mt. Washington. Thanks for all of the park info. It will most certainly come in handy.

Thanks to MikeMir87 as well.

Sunday, May 5, 2002 7:54 AM

Ask me about anything, anytime when you need info on a park up here. If you want prices, hours, best rides, heck all make you a guide to a park if you want. There is also a couple of water parks up here as well. The best being Water Whiz Water Park down by Cape Cod. A good thing to do would be drive down to Cape Cod in July and stop at Water Whiz, then take your car on the faerry over to Martha's Vineyard where you can have a great vacation in July and visit the annual Carnival complete with some great rides. The time I went they also had this compact steel roller coaster by Herschell, I think. IT wasn't a Galaxy or Zyklon, the layout was more unique with more drops instead of turns.

Well, I can agree that that is the best vieew you'll get up by Sebago but also try the Giant Ferris Wheel at Old Orchard Beach. At night, it is lit up and has a great panorama view of the beach, the park, and the town. That ferris wheel was the last stop on my first date and a seaside ferris wheel is one of the best places for a great couple to sit together.

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Sunday, May 5, 2002 8:21 AM
I have family that live in Cape Elizabeth, which is a small town right near Portland. We go up to Maine every other summer, and usually hit Funtown. It's a great little park, that I highly recommend.

One park that Vertigo forgot is Aquaboggin. This is a water park that is about ten minutes away from Funtown. It's small, but entertaining if it's hot. I've never tried the Splashtown part of F:USA, but it didn't look too good. Hopefully with the improvements they are adding this year will make it better.

Old Orchard has great atmosphere. Be sure to check it out.
SFEG awaits The Flying Coaster-coming in 2002!

Sunday, May 5, 2002 3:00 PM
Old Orchard is the one place I have been too.... My wife's grandmother lives about 8 blocks from the Palace Playland... We have briefly visited there the last couple of summers.... Haven't rode the Galaxi coaster there yet though but that's only a matter of time now..

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