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Well, today I ventured down to Knott's and rode Xcelerator twice. Then I went home. The first time I waited in line for about 20 minutes, and then was on the ride. The line moved at an acceptable rate considering they were only running one train.

There was no controversy about my height, even though there is a sign saying that one's neck can't be higher than the top of the headrest. I was very close to being too tall, but my head was touching headrest just barely. The second time I rode, three different people walked over to check me, almost making me get off, until one manager came over and said I was okay.

The reason this upsets me is that since there was a dispute this time, on future visits I might be told I can or cannot ride on an irregular basis, and that might get very annoying. Why don't they just make the back row have very tall headrests or something, like the "big boy" seats on many B&M inverts? God bless Intamin for making another "heightist" product for short people. Can't they make ANYTHING for taller people?

Anyway, the ride itself was a mixed bag for me. The launch was absolutely outstanding. That train really rockets out of the station. Going up the top hat was nothing new, but the twist at the top and the decline were utterly amazing. If we weren't all dreadfully stapled in, the airtime would be unreal. You push against that lapbar with such force.

The two overbanked turns are both fun in their own right, but are nothing we haven't done before. Overall, a solid ride which is much too short. This doesn't come near the thrills provided on Ghostrider, and I would imagine that it won't have the lasting power of Ghostrider...that is it won't be as exciting the 100th time as it was the first time. I'd give it an 8/10. Still, a nice addition. Now if we can just convince Knott's to stay away from Intamin for their next addition...

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Funny, I was checked for height too, and I'm shorter than you are. I actually thought of you when they mentioned that your neck must not exceed the headrest. I gues your brother is out of luck for Xcelerator, too bad.

I wonder if instead of a "tall guy" seat, maybe one or two of the headrests could be removable and have a spare "tall guy" headrest in the booth? I guess it's too late for that to be designed into the train, however.

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how tall are you guys? may i suggest you use the test seat as a too tall measurement. a head rest was recently installed by sandor himself. also, they should consider putting slightly taller headrests in the back. i saw pictures and people's heads were ofter only 1/2 on the headrest. also, they're doing it for safety. i've seen knotts go as far as not allowing a kid to ride because he had a splint on his finger. they had to move him so the splint was in the center of the train. the boy was so funny though.
Glad you got to ride Xcelerator.

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saviourmachine is 6'6", I am 6'4". saviourmachine's brother, is 6'11", which makes him too tall for lots of rides. But it seems Intamin is particularly bad about accomidating someone of that height.

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