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Friday, December 28, 2001 8:05 PM
After riding X on Christmas Eve, I had to ride X for my third and fourth times. X still blows me away!!! There are no words to describe the awesomeness (is that even a word?) of the ride. The X line was no where near as pumped up as they were on Christmas Eve, but I wasn't either!!! I rode the front row both times, howver, on one of the trains, the front was blocked off causing a long wait. I rode X the second time at night, and X was even cooler than ever, however, X seemed slower at night (sort of what it looks like when X has no passengers). Well, that is my X stuff, but I will get on with my trip report:
X - 2 times; (see above) 10/10
Viper - 2 times; smoother than normal but just as intense with the trims after the loop on very little 7/10
The Revolution - 1 time; I will always hate SFMM for putting those horrible OTSR on The Revolution. They ruin the ride greatly. Anyways, The Revolution was, well The Revolution, nothing special at all 5/10
Riddler's Revenge - 1 time; X has taken the place of Riddler's Revenge as my favorite steel, however, Riddler's Revenge was still running strong. I love the smoothness of Riddler's Revenge since it is not too smooth and not too rough. The mid course breaks were barely on and I got some nice airtime on the camel back in the back row. Another thing, the ride crew did a GREAT job at dispatching today 9/10
Batman: The Ride - 1 ride; Batman did not seem as intense as usual, except for the first part. Batman was fun and is always enjoyable 8/10
Goliath - 1 ride; I always black out, and today I blacked out for longer than normal even though the brakes seemed to be on harder than ever. The drop was fun and the camel back was airtime filled, like always 8/10
Superman: The Escape - 1 ride; I didn't remember Superman being as loud when riding it as today (it has always felt like a jet taking off from anywhere else in the park). Superman reached fairly close to the brakes, however, it is really a one time ride 7/10
Gold Rusher - 1 ride; Gold Rusher is still the only ride that I have ever been on that goes underwater twice, yet the ride is still not thrilling. Riding at night, like I did, has some similarities to Space Mountain (without the music). I still like the great helix finale on that ride, but that is it 4/10
Thrill Shot - #3, 4; the sole reason for riding Thrill Shot today was to take a friend of mine on it. I think that Thrill Shot is a one time ride, however, I still really like option 4 8/10
I didn't take any good pictures this time, sorry, however, I hope to go again next week and get more X in action and hopefully some shots of X with blue skies!!!
Thank you for reading my boring and uneventful trip report.
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