X2 is closed because the music isn't working??

For any fellow buzzers who might be at MM right now, x2 is closed because the speakers aren't working. Why would you close the most unique ride in the park because speakers aren't working?? It ran for years with no speakers. The ops say people were complaining about the speakers not working on some cars and so the president decided not to open the ride anymore if the speakers aren't working.

That just doesn't make to much PR sense to me. I think everyone waiting in line would prefer riding with no music over not riding at all.

In Six Flags' mind, this is definitely more about "Hey! Now we can shut down this maintenance ($$$) nightmare for a few days because of a stupid secondary reason." It's an easy excuse to help them out a bit on their budgetary restrictions.

Supposedly X2, even with the new trains, eats enough wheels and parts that it's very rough on the budget.

I would be PISSED if I traveled across country to ride X2, but this is to be expected from Six Flags.

Unfortunately, I'm from South Carolina. But I did know coming in there could be a good chance it isn't open. What sucks is that the ride is running perfectly and the music is keeping it from opening.

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^^Why would Six Flags do that? People don't care what reason/lame excuse Six Flags gives for closing the ride. They just care if it's open or not.

If Six Flags really wanted to close the ride for budget reasons, they'd just close it (see Flashblack).

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bwallac said:
For any fellow buzzers who might be at MM right now...

".... put away your phones and enjoy your day at the park!"

I would check your sources on this one. It doesn't make any sense. And the idea that Six Flags would be looking for an alternative reason to shut the ride down to save budget money really doesn't make any sense.

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How about I just make a quick run up to the park and check? :)

(wait...let me say that again without laughing)

How about I just make a quick run -- nope, can't do it!

Yep just another reason why i HATE Six Flags amusement parks..... ill stick to Cedar Fair parks and smaller independent parks...

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I swear MaVeRiCk 'n MaGnUm XL is not my second username! lol

I sure hope not :-)

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I sure hope not :-)

"Why would Six Flags do that?"

1. They Suck.

2. SFMM is a Dump.

They better shut down Terminator too, because the audio isn't working on that ride either. And I find it kinda funny that they just now decide to shut down X2, because the audio hasn't been working right for weeks.

Six Flags Sucks.

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LOL Moosh.. ok.. that one got a prolonged chuckle outta me.

Maybe the thought is that without the music they can't deliver the full ride experience they promise. Therefore, close the ride down so it can be fixed and people will get the complete ride experience. It is great to see Six Flags focusing more on quality.

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What about the flamethrowers? Don't forget the flamethrowers!

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I'm here!

(oh, wait...I thought you said 'flamers'...never mind!)

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Moosh: the Johnny Storm of flamers!

This reason would be expected a few years ago, but why not double check with the lemon chill guy before you log onto CoasterBuzz on you I-phone to report the reason to all the world?

I want to buy it, I really do (because I still really, really, really hate Six Flags), but right now I'd consider that to be speculation. As a former ride op, I can say that ride ops who don't know the real reason why their ride is down will speculate, and bad ride ops will do it in front of guests.

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FYI, I found a trip report from SFMM on another forum site (no, not that one) from Sunday July 12. The ride was open that day.

RyanTTD said

"Whywould Six Flags do that?"

1. They Suck.

2. SFMM is a Dump.

This statement is 1000% Correct!

LostKause said

Asa former ride op, I can say that ride ops who don't know the realreason why their ride is down will speculate, and bad ride ops will doit in front of guests.

And this supports the statement from RyanTTD.

And once again another reason I HATE Six Flags!

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I doubt -- no, I know -- that LK's statement is restricted to SF ride ops. I've heard ops at many parks, including other chains and independents, make such comments.

But I do agree that Six Flags suXors.

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I confess to being a big fan of Six Flags even if I don't always like their approach to things, and while it might appear that that is skewing my opinion, I still don't buy that failed audio would be the sole cause of the shutdown. I don't rule it out as a contributing factor, but that seems a bit of a stretch. I say that based on the fact that running rides in a stripped-down state, if you will, doesn't particularly shock me at a Six Flags park.

Sirloindude, who says that aside from the occasional shortcomings , Six Flags parks can actually be pretty fun places to go.

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