X:\ No Way Out - Complete Mistery

Okay, let's face it. X:\ No Way Out ( Vekoma Modified Enigma) is not the most thrilling or most exciting ride of Thorpe Park but, it has it charms. Therefor I am going to try my best to remake the ride. Now here's the problem. I haven't been on it... So, I have absolutely no idea where the station is located, what the waiting line looks like and how it's configured inside the pyramid, where the unloading and off loading stations are and where do they lead too?

If anyone could give me some more information of this "special" RollerCoaster, then that would be greatly appreciated!

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My memories are a little vague, but I seem to recall the queue was somewhat "windy." When the ride ended and we got off, I somewhat expected a maze to find the exit, since the entrance and the ride were both twisted paths - but the exit ramp was actually pretty straightforward. Whatever happened in that building is pretty much a mystery....we decided its new moniker should be....

WTF: The Ride...

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Oddly enough, I was just at Thorpe a month or so ago

The entrance and exit hallways look like your typical laser tag arena; black walls with some florescent paint, coloured lights, etc. It's a really long hallway (5 minute walk or so), which feels like you're winding along most of the perimeter of the building. There's rave music playing the whole time to make it seem like a club. When you get to the ride they have a coat check area for all loose items/bags, and they give you a wrist band. You get on the ride in a separate room, the ride happens in a large dark room with lots of lasers/lighting but otherwise you can't see the track or anything, and then you end the ride in a different separate room (ie different loading/unloading platforms). When you exit you're at the other end of the coat check room, return your wrist band and get your bags etc. Then another long hallway with rave music to exit.

The ride layout is a big question mark for me. I think there were at least 4 blocks inside, but otherwise don't remember much. At one point you're going directly towards a "tunnel" of lasers and then you duck to the right, but I don't know what actually happens.

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