"X".. is it really what we thought it was?

Wednesday, October 3, 2001 3:50 PM
Well, due to a certain "bugginess" in the forums, I will cut down my 30 min. post I typed up [which got completly messed up] and re-do it down to a 5 minute post...

Something you all may not realize is that "X" is not all as intenense as it may have originally seemed. The original SixFlags.com "trailer" showed many false things about the ride, regarding rider position, the way the seats flip and when, etc.

Take a look...

Original sixflags.com trailer [non-streaming, "clear" video]:

I will post the link up when I can find it...

The "real" ride, a great movie to compare trailer with:

Large Movie ~ 13 MB

Small Movie ~ 6 MB

Certain parts including the position going down the first drop, and the supposed flip before the drop.... it shows riders on their backs when in actuality it is not a full rotation and all, rather a "tilt" forward as you "skydive" down the drop.

The full rotations near the end of the ride are no-existance, rather just a "tilt" forward instead, similar to the first drop.

The forward roll before the second big turn is not a roll at all, but a half-flip so riders stay on their backs as the train flips.. there is no full rotation.

Those are just some examples, and its much easier to understand if you see both movies and compare.

The part right after the raven turn, however, still looks INSANE since that is still a spot which contrains a FULL rotation....

I am NOT, however, saying that this ride will not be intense... because it still looks like a hell of a ride, just wanted to make note that not all of it is the same as we all might have thought it would be.

Wednesday, October 3, 2001 4:16 PM
SO?  It's a computer generated movie!  It was created specifically for hype.  Who cares if you only do a half rotation!  All I know is that you only go truly inverted on X one time, and that is the camelback before the 180 degree turnaround.  No matter what, it will still be a great ride.  There will be nothing like staring straight down at the ground from 200 feet up with only a vest restraint holding you in!
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Wednesday, October 3, 2001 4:17 PM
Actually, if riders start facing backwards and did the 270 degree filp they would take the first drop facing the sky(No FUN). The 90 degree flip tilts you face down to take the drop in a skydive position(Very FUN). If you watch the animation from RCDB they show the riders complete the rest of the flip as theyre about to hit the bottom of the drop and take the first raven turn in the original backward facing position, sitting straight up. As the train navigates the raven turn, riders stay in the same positon, but the track reverses field, so you are now facing forward. Of course, due to the innovation of the ride, the definition of an "inversion" will now be challenged, as at some points the train flips, but riders do not ,and at other times riders flip, but the train does not. Anyway you cut it, i cant wait to ride!

Coaster131- If you want a 200ft straight down drop with nothing holding you in but a harness, try Deja-Vu, it's actually open. Besides, the actual HANGING 200ft up with nothing holding you in is the scariest part of Deja-Vu. It's somewhat of a relief once it lets you drop. (though I rode it before they added the 2nd set of seatbelts to the OTSR's, and I dont know if this affects the sensation).
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