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Has there been any announcement as to how the Columbus Zoo is going to handle addmission to Wyandotte lake next year? We own a family pass to the zoo at a price of 65.00 a year. Very reasonable. I'm hoping they will do a combo family pass for next year as buying individual season passes for Wyandotte Lake (for a family of five) can get quite expensive. Also, does anyone know what the zoo is going to do with all the land they are clrearing? I've heard everything from a hotel/resort to an African safari type exhibit.

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What? Wyandot Lake?

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An article in the Columbus Disptach a week or two ago said that the zoo is looking at several options. Wyandot Lake may be closed for up to a year for renovations. The dry rides may be included in the zoo admission with an extra charge for the water rides only. While, nothing is certain at this point, I would expect to see some sort of combined entrance plaza.

The land clearing involves several projects. Most immediate is the re-routing of Powell Road to go around the zoo and connecting with Glick Road (this would eliminate the current dangerous intersection of Powell and Riverside Drive). The new Powell Road will probably end up going through the middle of Wyandot's current picnic grove (which is arguable the nicest-looking part of the park).
Other projects include a new African Safari exhibit and a polar bear exhibit, but those are still several years in the future. The zoo now owns all the remaining open space in the area, including the land on the other side of Powell Road. When the road is moved, they will be free to expand in that direction.

Isn't the regular Six Flags admission price to Wyandot Lake currently around $25? I think that's a bit overpriced for what the park has to offer. I assume that most visitors have season passes. Hopefully things will be better once it is integrated with the zoo.

Thanks Millrace, lots of good info there.

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Consider anyone living in the Columbus area lucky that the zoo and Wyandot Lake will be one in the same.

I would love for Brookfield zoo in Chicago to open a waterpark with a few dry rides and a wooden coaster.

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As far as Columbus is concerned, "The park that is closer doesn't even come close" even though it costs the same as that park south of Cleveland. Hopefully the zoo will do something about that when they make their changes.

I just wonder why GL isn't recovering faster. Given their pricing, their cosster lineup, and their waterpark they should be getting more of that business back that they lost because of the SFO fiasco.

Meanwhile, the Columbus Zoo could become a true "3 parks in 1" attraction by beefing up the dry rides a bit. It would have the animals, the dry rides, and the water attractions.

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Oh, so you are talking about Wyandot Lake.

Come check out the video's at www.extremepki.com
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Its not just a rumor. WL is currently scheduled to be closed all of next year due to construction. Their will be an addition of waterslides bringing it up to par (or so they say) with GL's waterpark and/or Soak City. Several resort hotels are also planned...pretty much the whole area is getting revamped and turned into a tourist location. *** Edited 8/1/2006 6:12:19 PM UTC by OhioStater***
It is.....about time something happened. Six Flags hasn't added anything to the park since our bumper cars caught on fire and the new bumper cars were installed the next year. Instead of taking out older rides and replacing them with "new" ones (which also happened with the Rock-O-Plane/Tilt-A-Whirl* switch) they need to simply add new attractions.

*The Rock-O-Plane was replaced by a used Tilt-A-Whirl. :o(


It sounds like a neat place with a lot of potential. Hopefully it will now be realized...

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