Wyandot Lake Demo Begins

Drove out by Wyandot Lake today and they have started bull-dozing sections of the park. It really makes me wonder what all the zoo has in store for us in 2008.

Pictures that I took at the link below


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I was there on Saturday. They should start with the sign that says Six Flags. :) Fabulous zoo, and they obviously need to remodel the entire parking entrance so it doesn't look so ghetto. The newly paved lots are huge.

What a ton of potential they have there in coordination with the zoo. The zoo's newer Asia stuff, and their little river ride, make it one of the more unique zoos I've been to.

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That entrance won't exist this time next year. The Powell Road relocation will create a new entrance/exit for both the Zoo and the to-be-named waterpark, that will basically line up with the current location of the driving range. This will thankfully eliminate a lot of unsafe u-turns and dangerous intersections. The current entrance/toll area will most likely be the home of the new picnic area for the waterpark.

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For those who don't know, the area being shown in those picts are where the Scrambler and Tilt A Whirl were. Both the Scram. and Tilt are NOT in the auction. Notice that they put up the little Kiddie Wheel for the auction as it has been missing from the park for the past 5 years or so.

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