Wyandot Lake Auction Info Posted

The Full Color Brochure is now available for viewing at Norton Auctioneers web site. Direct Link
I'll probably attend. Need some power tools!

Chuck, who wishes they weren't selling the Go karts as a lot but is glad the carousel sells complete.

^I had that same thought about the tools.

Considering what tools went for at the Santa's village auction, it'd be worth the drive. *** Edited 11/1/2006 1:40:03 PM UTC by FLYINGSCOOTER***

Great Lakes Brewery Patron...


Tools as auctions are expensive. You shouldn't go :)

Chuck, who says the trick is, If they have ten drills and start the bidding at 50 dollars, Yell five and everybody stop bidding. Then they will ask who wants one for the price sold, First numbers raised !

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