Wyandot Lake- June 6th, 2002

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Arrived around 10:00 to find only two schools at the park, virtually empty. For those who don't know Wyandot Lake has two sections, a land a wet section. The land consists of a few old flat rides and Sea Dragon, a white wooden coaster. The wet section has three or four main slides, and a lazy river.

In order of riding---

Sea Dragon (15 Laps) 7.5/10

I hoped to get about 25 laps on this, but ended up spending a lot of time at the water park. My hopes were low, but this baby was riding faster than it has in a while. Money seat is the back for sure, feels the most of the lateral G's. Not a bad coaster at all, small, but fun and a quick ride. Longest wait was a two train one.

Monsoon (1 Lap) 7/10

I remembered this to be a bit better, but I think it rides faster at night. It's an old inverted scrambler with a wheel in the middle of each car. Got me a bit dizzy, too, something that is strange for me.

Black Squid (1 Lap) (7/10)

Strange. The whole loading process was a mystery, and the ops really didn't communicate at all. An okay, short ride.

Neptune's Revenge (2 Laps) (8/10)

A suprise for sure. This was one hyped up scrambler running insanley out of control. A good fun ride.

Barracuda (1 Lap) (6/10)

Tilt-A-Whirl. Our car seemed to not want to tilt.

Starfish (1 Lap) (7/10)

A small ferris wheel. Running very fast, the fastest wheel I have ever seen.

Havoc Harbor (1 Lap) (7/10)

Good fun bumper cars, a long version. Last ride of the day.

A good day for sure, left right before the rain started. A nice fun park.


The ride ops don't communicate because most of them don't even speak english.

Good Times!! Good Times!!

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