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Saturday, June 28, 2003 9:25 AM
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Got back from Federal Way late Friday, 6/27, to add Timberhawk to my count, which stood at 97. Could that be all there was, in all my years of riding? Did I forget anything?

I scrutinized my list, and re-checked a few things. Ah-ha! Last I looked, Kersplash at the Western WA State Fair was not listed, but now it was. 98. Thought I stalled out, then remebered the Jet Star at SCBB. Last I recall, it was not listed either. That, or I was just drinking too much. Whatever. 99. But my list also includes the Ripper at Thrillville in Turner, OR, which is the Jet Star from Santa Cruz. Hmmm... Hey, when I was at MM around 1979, I rode their mouse ride, called the Mountain Express. It's not listed. So officially or un-officially, Timberhawk was indeed my 100th.


Kinda like throwing a party and hardly anyone shows up...

Not that big of a deal, boring, and not the right way to celebrate.

Yes, what you've heard is by and large true. Not worthless; no it's rideable. It's just not imminently re-ridable. The first drop is fun enough, and there are some brief moments of air in the back (at least for me). But as Nasai said as we were exiting, "It' suffers from over-all woosiness". That it does (no offense meant to the woosies out there;)). The problem is lack of speed. That and a lot of the "drops" should be more accurately described as gradual shallow decline followed by gradual incline. That's just....boring. But not surprising. This park seems to be courting families big time, leaving thrill-seekers to lament what could've been in nearby Lakewood.:(

As for the rest of the park, Klondike Gold Rusher is a fun Zamperla zig zag, and the trims, like when it opened last year, are still not used. Fun, fun laterals on this! Lumberjack Falls is a queer chutes that has no restraints (beyond CS) and the only one I've ridden with a double-down. Nice theming though, which can be said of all the rides the Flags have added since purchasing (except for the Frog Hopper, I hear).

Didn't do the Wild Thing, because it's just too damn long of a wait for the payoff. Their are coasters just as long, if not shorter, that do not offer re-rides. It was fun at first, but now I wish they would stop this practice. They stop the train at the station (where else) and ask if anyone wants off. Then the one train goes through the course again. This means the line moves every 5 minutes, at best. So even a short line takes forever and a day!

Unfortunately, the Dodgems are the slowest bumper cars on the planet. Any chance they can control how fast these things move? Or are they stuck with it. Again proving my point that this park has yet to attract the thrillseeker. All the installs have been very tame rides. Hey, how about getting us a frisbee? Or a top-spin? Hell, even a drop ride wouldn't take that much space (of which they actually still have a bit of, even factoring in wetland protection). No, the first waterpark upgrade was a Hook's Lagoon for the kiddies. And the Trabant is the most thrilling of the rides added last year. Sigh....

The only ops to show any personality were on the KGR, and that actually was only one of the two. Actually got people to laugh. The rest of the ops were on the whole, only marginally better than those at KW, which as a group pretty much sucked (that TR coming later today) And while I thought the grounds were nicely taken care of on my visits last year, payroll cuts in that area are obvious. Over-flowing trash, garbage on the paths, food tables not wiped down, etc. Not impressed-at all. And the bathrooms are horrible. The stench was just wrong, and the floors were so wet, with water and ! that you couldn't (at least wouldn't want to) put your shorts/pants down for #2 out of fear they would soak everything up! Disgusting! Like last year, I observed many employee use the restrooms without making any attempt to tidy up. At least they could report it to a supervisor who could see to it that someone got around to it... Nope, they were worse at closing! Don't wanna flag bash, but, honestly, who here is surprised?

Anyway, upon purchase, it was announced in the local paper that there would be 3 phases of initial upgrades. If next year is to be phase three, I hope a good steel coaster is on it's way.

That and some crew training.

"Yeahhh....that would be greaaaat"

Rob, it was nice to see you again and meet your wife Tomoko. She's fabu....:)

Oh, and for all those keeping track;), days 7-10 TRs are on the way.
I've gotten the Point of life, and can now pass away a happy man!.......

Saturday, June 28, 2003 10:40 AM
rollergator's avatar Woohoo! Congrats on your 100th....

Even though it may not be the most *thrilling* ride, Timberhawk at least will get families butts into the park, hopefully "filling the till" so you CAN get some upgrades a bit more to your liking....Lord knows, if the Flags optimizes the potential in that area, BIG things could come your way in the next 3-5 years...and now S&S has a *track record* when bidding on future woodies. ;)

The Dodgems, as is true with virtually all flats, can (should?) be cranked up to provide some extra thrill factor...larger parks, and chains, seem to *typically* crank the rides down "so that everyone can enjoy them"....for better or for worse (*cough* worse)...;)

bill, very happy with the latest additions to the CPG line-up....we may not be old, but we're certainly "old-school"...:)

It seems today, that all you see, are violins in movies, and sax on TV....lucky there's a Family Guy
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Saturday, June 28, 2003 1:19 PM
nasai's avatar Rob, I was very surprised you actually wrote a TR for yesterday (especially given that I still haven't written my SRM or surrounding TRs), but glad to see you did. You are 100% on everything you said. It was also nice to see (and sad) that you agree with me on my synopsis of Timberhawk. Oh, what could have been... ;)

Rob - who agrees that the CPG is indeed the place for fun.
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