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Six Flags is doing good things at this Washington park. The new Klondike Gold Rusher (Zamperla Gravity Coaster) is a brisk, enjoyable mouse type with hefty lats; a nice addition. I noticed trims towards the end of the zig-zags, before the bunny hops, but they weren't used on either ride I took. Fun!
Hook's lagoon is coming along, and Lumberjack Falls should open mid July.
The Zamperla ride package the park recieved was a good deal. The Hang Glider wouldn't be much on level ground, but situated on top of a hill overlooking the water, your up there quite a ways on the backside. The travelling Cliffhangers are much more of a Paratrooper type, both in height and action. I would have preferred one of those over lake Mead, but this is much more family friendly. The Hawk 24, called the Timberaxe, is great fun, but must intimidate quite a few as there was never any wait to ride.
The new Dodge-Ems (bumper cars) are also a plus.
The Gambler (trabant) was a good ride as well.
The exciting thing is that the back of the park has a few stakes in the ground that say coaster limits on them. I saw a member of management walking in that area and asked him if he could shed some light on that. He replied that "I can't but I can". He indicated a major, major ride is planned, and apologized that he couldn't say more. He commented that he hoped I understood why he isn't more forthcoming. When I asked 04 or 03, he said a proposal has been given, aiming for next year.
This surprises me, sinse it's a known fact that right before Six Flag's acquired the park, the old owners had already received approval for two coasters, a steel and woodie, to be installed by 04. But these came with certain restrictions. Could Six Flags be seeking approval for something beyond those limits? Why else wait when you already have the go-ahead. Or are those approvals moot because of the new ownership?
Anyway, all rumors, repeated by a few ops, point toward a very large rollercoaster that will stretch most of the length of the park's back, running from the ride section all the way over to the water park and back.
Whatever it is, management appears determined to put this park on the map.
Management has previously indicated three stages for developing this park. Stage One is already a boost, and if all goes well, next year's Stage Two will be awesome. Makes me wonder what Stage Three will bring, although no one has said that will be in 04.
I read a lot of folks who say the park is too small. Have they been here? It's not big, but has a lot of room still. You can see that by roaming the grounds. Speaking of which are nicely landscaped. A lot of the rides are in the forest, adding a thrill to even the Paratrooper. It runs smooth and swift and your feet whiz right by tree tops and branches. Wonderful!
It appears that new coaster will built among the trees and hills as well.
Also, kudos to the staff. Most were friendly, affable, and appeared to be having a good time. All were professional. The place was clean, and security available. I was pleasantly surprised by the staff's demeanor.
Finally, another treat when I got my season pass booklet. Over the net, the site indicated these would not be good for Frightfest or Holiday with Lights, but I got one anyway to show my support for the park. Well inside the booklet is one coupon for free admission to each event. Right next to those are coupons to bring in a friend for $5. This on top of many discount coupons for friends during regular season. I feel I got a steal, especially sinse I'm using it at SFMW twice in August.
If management reads this (the gentleman I spoke with indicated they do), can I put my two cents in for a Huss Frisbee? Thanks for reading!

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Great TR! Hopefully big time things come to a coaster straved area.

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don't you love SF ?

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