WWE drop tower shut down on Niagra's Clifton Hill

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The provincial government has laid the smack down on the World Wrestling Entertainment ride in Niagara Falls. The wrestling-themed Pile Driver ride was shut down by the Technical Safety and Standards Authority Wednesday because it didn't have the required permit from the provincial agency that inspects amusement rides in Ontario.

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Does anyone else think this is stupid?


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Yeah, particularly stupid on the part of whoever is running that attraction. Seems fairly simple that you make sure you have the neccessary permits before opening for operation.


well, I suppose I won't get a ride on this over the coming weekend, huh?

Oh, well. No big loss. I don't like wrestling anyway.

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I thought that the ride was supposed to be an S&S, but it appears to be a Zamperla...

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I was fairly confident it was the Chance model, which means even when they have the permits it'll never be open. ;)

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It is the first Zamperla Z-Force park model in North America.


It's Zamperla...I know a chance tower when I see one...especially seeing that I work at MFI. Suprisingly the chance slingshot has an awesome launch, but the rest of the ride isn't that great. Add to this the fact that it's closed half of the time and you get one big pain in the rear. I wanted to try the new tower in Niagara Falls, but I didn't know when it was going to be open, and now I know that I won't be riding it for a while...
Oh darn! I was going to make the lil' trip to go ride it this week. It just goes to show you, although your store maybe located on Clifton Hill doesn't mean you can get away with *everything*!

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Oh dear, how embarassing! That's a real shame for those that planned to ride it any time soon, as I'm sure it'll be closed for a while whilst the operators apply for the relevant permit. Does anyone know how long the process takes?

PS. *raises eyebrow* If you smelllllllllllllllllll what the "drop" is cooking!

Sorry, couldn't resist it! :)

Wait... I thought Disney's California Adventure had three Zamperla Z-Forces...


What type of freefall is this and how tall is it.


DCA has 3 S&S Turbo Shot towers.


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The WWE screws up again...they arent doing so well.
I live in Niagra and I did not even know it was their.
It wasn't the WWE's fault, the ride is operated by Canadian Niagara Hotels. So I don't see how WWE screwed up, it wasn't them operating it.

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Chernabog...whats this ride got to do with wrestling? Is that the same thing you said when the XFL shut down becase it was part WWE creation?? Not everyone might like what is shown on television...but these superstars do more for their fans than any MLB, NBA, NHL or NFL athlete could ever think of doing. And these guys don't charge for autographs like some overpaid athletes in the big 4 organizations.

Seems anything the WWE tries to do outside of the ring, they get slammed because they are the WWE. Give them a break...They are actually trying to give back to the fans, which is more than the money hungry baseball and basketball players are doing.

i was wondering what was up with the piledriver ride, i live in niagara too, oh well doesnt look like ill be getting a ride anytime soon either, i went to fantasy island this sunday, and i did try the chance slingshot, the launch was good but i thought the rest of the ride was pretty tame, but the silver comet rocked!!! i had such a good time at the park that im coming back for more next week sometime
Andrew Polcyn, I have no freaking clue what you're talking about when you say "And these guys don't charge for autographs like some overpaid athletes in the big 4 organizations." because I don't know whose autograph you're trying to get but whenever these huge wrestling stars show up in my town they want $50 for a picture with a little scribble of their name on it.

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